Wednesday, September 4, 2013

UPDATES on the BLOG...

So I always love to keep my readers ( and yes I know sometimes I fall a little short - Sorry! ) up to date on what's going on with the blog.  SO I am a huge crafter in my spare time and well I have absolutely fell in love with Pinterest!

So I wanted to start a segment on my blog featuring crafts especially ones that I have found on Pinterest on every Friday ( just in time for anyone to try at home over the weekend ).  I hope everyone is as excited as I am since Crafting is a huge passion of mine.  Now I would really love to have suggestions on future crafts so start looking for ideas online or on Pinterest because I will be giving some extra entries on my giveaways for those who have suggestions plus your suggestion could be featured so it is a win - win!

Also it is that time again where my work will be picking up so that means I may be a little sporadic with posts but bear with me as I get back in the groove again.  I know you would think I would be more prepared.  Also I have more news...  in the next few moths I am hoping to start back going to college.  Which simply is making me nervous and excited!  I of course will keep my wonderful readers up to date on that as I am hoping I can juggle it all without much interference to my blog.  So I guess that is about all for now except keep an eye open for new giveaways starting in the next day or so!

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