Thursday, November 7, 2013


* I received the below product solely for review purposes only.  The below mentioned opinions are completely honest  and completely my own.

 Professional investigations made easy. With tips from German forensic biologist Dr. Mark Benecke, these exciting activities will turn you into a skilled detective! Learn how to use scientific methods to examine clues and become a forensic expert yourself.
Contents: 1 Magnifying Glass, 1 Plastic Bottle, 1 Measuring Tape, 1 Pair of Tweezers 1 Pipette, 1 Pair of Safety Glasses, 1 Packet of Plaster, 5 Small Crime Scene Bags, 1 Piece of Filter Paper, 1 Funnel, 1 Roll of Dough, 1 Insect Card, 1 Picture with Clues, 1 Small Tube, 1 Small Tube Holder, 1 ID Badge, 5 Fingerprint Cards, 10 Crime Scene Cards, Detailed Instruction Manual

My son and I are both huge CSI fanatics.  We love the show and both love to solve "mysteries."  When I was a teen, I wanted to be a CSI investigator but knew I could never stomach the really bad scenes.  My son is just like me, loves the science but not too thrilled with the bad scenes.  Lucky for us, Science X has a kit to help us with our CSI fascination.
The Science X CSI kit has 12 activities to help any kiddo become a good detective.  The kit comes with several needed items, but also needs everyday items to help do the activities.  After receiving the kit, I decided my kiddos and I needed would need to do a Whodunnit? party. ( Yes, we loved the show this past summer! )  So I am currently working to put together an awesome CSI party - kinda a murder mystery dinner show! 
I know my kiddos will be excited to take fingerprints and analyze evidence and of course even isolate DNA.  Yep, the kit can help any kiddo do that.  Also the kit can help kiddos get excited with science which is a really great thing in my book!  The kit is available from Ravensburger.  Right now you can purchase the kit online at Amazon for under $25 right now.  SO be sure to grab a kit for any detective to be in your family! It will definitely make a great gift this Holiday season.

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