Monday, December 2, 2013


* I received the below mentioned product solely for review purposes.  The below mentioned opinions are completely honest and completely my own.

You Never Know when this Balloon will Boom!
In Boom Boom Balloon, nobody knows when the balloon will go boom! It’s simple and easy 
game play keeps players guessing as to when it will blow. Each player takes a turn rolling 
the dice. For every number they roll, they must push in a stick the same number of clicks.
Before you know it there’s a ton of pressure on the balloon making it want to go boom!
Who Will Make it Pop?
Tension mounts as players take turns rolling the dice. The more you roll, the more pressure
 is put on the balloon. Watch as it stretches, squishes, strains! Will the next click make it pop? 
Nobody knows! If the balloon goes boom on your turn, you’re out!
Non Stop Fun!
Boom Boom Balloon is non-stop fun for 2 or more players ages 8+. There are 12 silly faced 
balloons inside the box. Players can always substitute regular balloons for additional play. 
Get started and wait for the tension to loom with the non-stop fun of Boom Boom Balloon!

Game at a Glance:
  • Easy out of the box play
  • For 2 or more players, aged 8+
  • Comes with an easy to assemble balloon frame, 12 balloons, 10 sticks,a die, and instructions


In my household, we love board games and Family Game Night so I was excited when I received one of SpinMaster's hottest games for the Holiday season - Boom Boom Balloon!  Since there is over a 4 year gap between my son and 2 daughters, this makes it hard to find a game for all 3.  Boom Boom Balloon helps bridge the gap and makes it fun for all 3.

Now the game is simple - Do not be the one to pop the balloon!  I know my kiddos are simply going to love playing this game this Holiday season.  Now the game does only come with just 12 balloons, but Spin Master is coming out with a replacement pack of 20 balloons.  Of course I have heard of others using your basic balloons.  

Now if you are like me and have a wide age gap in kids, this game makes it fair for all ages and of course it makes it fun too.  It is a great game for parties or Family Game Nights .  The game is available now where board games are sold nationwide and on online retailers like Amazon , who has it for under $15 right now.

So if you love fun games for your kiddos or have a kiddo who is a board game fan then be sure to grab a copy today!

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