Tuesday, November 18, 2014


* I received the below mentioned product solely for review purposes.  The opinions below are completely honest and completely my own.

Let your creativity pop with a unique make-and-display art experience that just might get you hooked. Brought to you by the makers of Play-Doh modeling compound, DohVinci design kits let you decorate and personalize your world in so many colorful ways. It's super easy for almost anyone to do! Just use the innovative air-dry design compound and Styler tool to create dimensional designs with bold 3D lines. And unlike most paints or markers, don't worry if you make a mistake. Just wipe off your design and try again! Once you're ready, show off your beautiful creation as it air dries!
Whether you feel wildly inspired or just want to chill out and have fun, every DohVinci experience is unique and easy! Just follow 3-simple steps to get started on your project: Choose a color, slide the Deco Pop tube containing colorful design compound into the Styler and squeeze to create colorful artwork with a fun dimensional effect!


My family and I are huge fans of Play-Doh so I was really excited when I heard of the new Dohvinci line.  My two daughters love arts and crafts projects so they were super excited to help me review the Flower Tower Picture Frame.  
My first warning or tip is to go easy on the "paint".  The tubes are not refillable and if you have a really heavy hand with it, you could run out or put too much in one spot to make it heavy.  Now my daughters are well in the age range and could definitely do this by themselves.  However I did help them for fear of a heavy hand.  When the tubes of "paint" start to get low, they can get hard to squeeze so some kiddos may need help.
My daughters loved decorating the frame and had a blast.  My oldest did compare it to cake decorating which I think is a very good comparison.  I do have concerns with the Play-Doh chipping off so I have told my daughters to be careful with it.  
Along with the flower tower picture frame, there are several other kits in the Dohvinci line to choose from.  You can order the picture frame kit from Amazon.com for $ 9.74 and of course find it where toys are sold nationwide.  So be sure to grab a kit if you have a little girl who loves being creative!

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