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All missions are possible with the two construction vehicles of the Blok Squad Construction Unit Mission! Build the Construction 4x4 Truck and travel easily across off-road or paved streets with its large 4x4 wheels. Drive down to a construction zone with your Blok Squad Construction Worker and set up the 4x4 with its hazard lights blinking to warn drivers to slow down! Construct the multi-use Front Loader! With your Blok Squad Construction Worker at the wheel, use the Front Loader’s huge shovel to lift massive rocks and clear out any area with ease! 

Team up both Construction vehicles to square-off a construction zone and start digging your quarry!

Ideal for children ages 5 and up!

  • Buildable Construction Vehicle Mission combo of Construction 4x4 Truck and Front Loader with 218 pieces
  • Includes 2 Blok Squad Construction Workers
  • Collect them all and combine Blok Squad vehicles to build heavy-duty machines to complete any Construction mission!


First I have to say I absolutely love this line from Mega Bloks featuring "Everyday Heroes".  I think it is great that they are encouraging kids to recognize the men and women who help our families every day.  The series not only features construction but also Police and Firefighters.  I was lucky enough to get to review the Construction Mission set which is perfect for my nephew who is a huge fan of dozers and such.  This set comes with two different vehicles and workers which is perfect if my daughters happen to be over to play with him or if he is simply playing by himself.  This is guaranteed hours of fun and even better it helps him use his imagination every step of the way.

These sets would be great for an "Everyday Heroes" kid or if you are trying to show kids the true meaning of hero.  Also they are great to help increase imagination and creativity.  You can also sign up to become a part of the Mega Bloks Family Club online here.  They have had coupons in the past you could print for their products and keep you up to date on their products.  You can purchase the Blok Squad sets where toys are sold and online at retailers like for $13.10.  Definitely a great holiday gift for the upcoming season.

* I received the above mentioned product solely for review purposes and the above mentioned opinion is completely honest and completely my own.

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