Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Updates on upcoming posts and Holiday Gift Guide

First I wanted to let you know that I will be drawing a winner from the Cloud B giveaway today.  Somehow it slipped my mind that I had not done so yet so keep an eye out for the winner later today.

Next I wanted to let you know about some of my upcoming posts.  I am a huge fan of board games and will be posting several more reviews (in addition to the ones I posted today) on them in the next few days.  I love breaking them out during the holidays when all the family gets together.

Also I am excited to announce I have a Holiday Gift Guide that will begin November 1st with some great giveaways and reviews on some of the hottest toys and items this season.  Also if anyone is interested in featuring a product on my blog just email me.  So make sure to check my blog in the upcoming days cause there will be alot going on and it will be exciting...

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