Thursday, August 16, 2012

THE LORAX dvd review

The imaginative world of Dr. Seuss comes to life like never before in this visually spectacular adventure from the creators of Despicable Me! Twelve-year-old Ted will do anything to find a real live Truffula Tree in order to impress the girl of his dreams. As he embarks on his journey, Ted discovers the incredible story of the Lorax, a grumpy but charming creature who speaks for the trees. Featuring the voice talents of Danny DeVito, Ed Helms, Zac Efron, Taylor Swift, Rob Riggle, Jenny Slate, and Betty White, Dr. Seuss' The Lorax is filled with hilarious fun for everyone!


Now my kids were super excited when I opened the package containing the dvd of Lorax.  I have to admit I was even excited.  First the colors of the movie were really bright and amazing, and as you may know I simply love cartoons with the really bright vibrant colors.

My whole family loved this movie and were constantly laughing.  I also let my sister and her family watch the movie since my nephew has been wanting to see the movie for awhile.  They loved it too.  The dvd has been warn out since we received it and I am still enjoying it.  My daughters really love the animals and their antics.

The dvd also comes with 3 mini movies which my kids loved as well.  I thought they were really cute as well.  This dvd is definitely a great addition to any family's collection.  I highly recommend this dvd to everyone.

The blu-ray and dvd combo is available in stores now and online at for $ 23.99.  Be sure to grab a copy today and enjoy!

* I received the above mentioned product solely for review purposes.  The above menioned opinion is completely honest and completely my own.

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  1. The kids loved the Lorax when we went to see it in theaters, so as soon as my supervisor at Dish said it was out on DVD I decided to surprise them. We just got it from Blockbuster at Home and they were quite through the whole movie. I think the best part for them was the three short films at the end though. We rent because, just like all kids, they usually don’t stay interested in something for very long, but they have been playing this one since we got it.