Thursday, August 30, 2012


So today is a big day for me.  I am turning 30 on 30!  Now I know 30 is not as big of a milestone as 40, but it still is a big deal to me.  My young 20s are gone and now I am heading what seems to be at the speed of light towards my 40s.  Now I am aware that I am not truly old but I still consider 30 to be a milestone. 

I mean 40 is not even really old nowadays.  Thank goodness since it is appears to be approaching me quickly.  I think the hardest part of turning 30 is the goals that I had planned to have completed by this age.  I mean I was supposed to be a college graduate by now with a fancy degree, but I am just half way there.  I was supposed to be happily married with at least 2 kids which is almost completely true.  I am happily engaged with 3 children. 

Of course I am thankful for what I do have and realize that it has been some amazing and trying 30 years to say the least.  With that all said , I know God has been working on me the whole time to make me who I am today.  And well, I have to say I have had some amazing moments in my first 30 years.  I experienced the miracle of birth 3 times myself and 2 times with my sister.  I also had to experience miscarriages twice ( an experience I will never forget).  I survived a divorce and  I finally meet a man who loves me - flaws and all. I have gained and lost friends along the way.  Realized who my true friends were and vowed to never lose touch with them.  I have had friends and family members leave this Earth all to soon , but have never forgotten their memories. 

So many memories ( both good and bad ) for so many years and although some were not my favorite.  I cherish each one for making me who I am today.  A 30 year old woman ready to embrace her 30 s and make them better than her 20s .  SO here's to the next 30 years ...



    Hope you will have a just wonderful day!

  2. A very happy birthday to ya

  3. Happy Birthday Sweetie!
    You're still young,and you sound like a sweet young lady who is very blessed. My daughter is 26 and always says in 4 yrs I'll be 30.I tell her yes you will but look at how much you've learned in your teens and 20's.I'll be 50 in 3 yrs and I'm just happy I can get up everyday.Lol! I survived cancer last yr and I also lost family members to soon.I have the comfort knowing they're in heaven and I'll see them again someday.
    You my dear are a child of God who has your whole life ahead of you so enjoy your kids and your future hubby.
    HAPPY 30TH BIRTHDAY!!!! :)

  4. Thanks for the Tim McGraw video! I love that man and he's so sexy! :)