Friday, September 28, 2012


So I am sure some of you have noticed yet another absence from me ( or at least I hope I was missed ;( ...) .  Well, this absence was completely out of my hands.  It was Technical Difficulties!!!!

It all started Saturday evening when our DSL started cutting in and out.  We have had this problem before a couple times - once when our modem went out, but usually cause our modem gets a little hot.  Usually we can just unplug it and let it cool off and then we are good to go again.  SO I assumed my modem had gotten too hot so I unplugged it and let it cool off.  Then I plugged it back in and the trouble began.  Our modem kept trying to connect but never would turn the DSL light to green.  It just kept flickering so that meant no internet for our house.

Now I immediately assumed it was a bad modem again.  I mean it acted just like our last one that the tech guy said was bad.  So since I had not had this modem for even  a year now, it was luckily still under warranty.  They quickly overnighted me a new one after I placed a phonecall to them.  So I was sure the problem was solved.  Boy was I wrong!!!!

I got the modem installed and it was doing the same thing.  I called my provider again and they decided after running tests on my line that they should send a tech out to look at my outside line first.  I agreed but I asked them to call before they got to my house so I could let them in the backyard where our outside box is.  Now the reason I asked for the call ahead is simple... we have our dogs fenced in our backyard so they can not get out.  The lady assured me they would not go in the backyard without us there.  YEAH RIGHT!!!!

The next day I come home from work to find my dog sitting in my driveway.  The tech had went in our backyard and let her out.  Not to mention he left the gate ajar and even moved things around that were not in his way to check the line.  Now I might not have gotten as upset if they had called me or if it was okay for dogs to run loose in our area but that is not the case.  Animal Control can pick up any animal that is not on leash or fenced in and then it costs the owner a fee.  I understand all this and that is why we go through great lengths to keep ours up. Also we have a neighbor up the road who calls Animal Control on loose animals all the time so I quickly got her put up.

I tried to calm myself by saying eveything was okay and now my internet should be fixed.  Boy was I wrong again!  It was now even worse.  It was no longer cutting in and out.  It just was not doing anything now.  So once again I talk to my provider who informs the guy fixed an outside line and according to him, it was working great.  I told her it was worse.  She informs me the next step is to send out another tech this time to check inside which is not covered in my maintanence so it would cost me $99 plus parts.  I told her that was ok and she was going to see if she could get the fee waivered and would call me back.  As of tonight, I still have not heard from her again.  Luckily for me, my fiancee fixed it.  We actually found a broken line that was coming from the box and fixed it.  Now I have my internet again - Thanks to my fiancee!

Now with all that said, get ready for me to play catch up with my reviews and all!

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  1. Don't you just hate that?! I didn't have internet service for 6 days because the provider was having an outage. The outage is finally over but my DSL still wasn't working. I called and the guy talked me through things to try. Finally I unhooked my router and hooked it all back up and it finally went on.I was mad so I called them and said I shouldn't have to pay for mot having service for 6 days and they gave me 1 month free. That made me so happy! I understand these glitches that happen. I'm glad you're back online and look forward to some giveaways!
    Have A Great Wkend! :)