Friday, October 19, 2012


The Dinosaur Train is filled with its most fascinating passengers yet as it makes new and exciting stops in DINOSAUR TRAIN: DINOSAURS A TO Z. Join Buddy and his family as they embark on a musical tour where they learn about fantastic dinosaur species that Buddy never knew existed. From the singing Corythosaurus to the speedy Ornithomimus, this is one train no one will want to miss! From the world-renowned Jim Henson Company, PBS KIDS and Paramount Home Media Distribution, the DINOSAUR TRAIN: DINOSAURS A TO Z DVD features nine exciting dino-filled adventures including a bonus holiday episode titled “Solstice Time” and loads of special features including Dr. Scott video segments, interactive games, coloring pages, information for parents and more.


My youngest daughter loves Dinosaur Train especially their episode " Dinosaurs A to Z".  She loves the song they sing and is constantly singing it.  SO imagine the squeal she let out when she saw the dvd featuring her fav episode.  Here is the "Dinosaur A to Z" song...

It is a catchy song I have to admit!  I even find myself singing along to it along with the theme song too.  Of course the really great thing about the show is teaching kids all about dinosaurs and also the wonderful messages from the show.  Dinosaur Train is like all the shows on PBS for kids meaning they are great programs for the kids.  I love programs that you know will be safe for your kiddos to watch just like Dinosaur Train. 
Since we have recieved the dvd, my daughters have watched it several times and still have not gotten tired of it.  Now this dvd would make a great Christmas gift or stocking stuffer for any dinosaur fan. The dvd is currently available now where dvds are sold and is available online at for currently just $9.99!  That is a great deal ! 
So climb onboard the Dinosaur Train and grab a copy today!
* I received the above mentioned product solely for review purposes.  The above mentioned opinions are completely honest and completely my own.

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