Tuesday, January 22, 2013


So I am sure you may have noticed yet another delay with me and posting .  First I am sorry again.  I have been absent for a reason that has happened more than once - Internet Issues!  I know, I know, how is it possible to have this much trouble with an Internet connection?  Well, I would not have had as much trouble if one big problem had been fixed months ago when I reported having issues.  Since my internet has started having issues, we have had 3 modems, weeks without service, hiccups constantly in my connection, and 3 technicians out.

 The first tech came out to check our lines before the problem even started and said the lines were great.  Now fast forward several months and the connection issues begin so we replace a modem and that seems to fix it.  Of course not for long!  SO we start having connection problems again and they figure its the modem again so we get another modem.  Guess What?!  That's not it.  So they send out a technician who claims to fix a faulty line and let my dog loose.  ( All this while not calling so we can be home so my dog does not get out and also so we can give them access to the phone box).  Now since the tech can not access the phone box, we assume that part is fine.  I mean after all he fixed a faulty line right?!  Wrong!  We still have connection issues and check the phone box ourself after another tech is supposed to come out and never does.  We find that some of the wires are severed and fix them and guess what?  We have connection and we did it all by ourselves.  That was over 2 months ago! 

SO it sounds like my internet problem was fixed right?  Not quite.  Recently we had a rough week of weather with days of rain and then some sleet and snow.  During part of the bad weather, we lsot power and when it came back on...there was no internet connection again.  We chalked it up to an outage in the area so I called it in the next day, but there was not outage in my area.  The wonderful customer service woman schedules a tech call for me for the next day.  The tech comes out and I expect there to be a problem that was not reported and I was partly right.  Come to find out, the line that connects to our house was barely hanging on and apparently had been that way for the whole time.  SO basically our internet connections would come and go when the wind blew literally.  The tech could not believe that the other techs did not notice it, but as he said depending on the wind it would not show a problem unless you physically say it.  Luckily for us, he replaced the whole line with a new one that is more flexible and will keep it from breaking as easy!

SO I know this post is kinda long but hopefully there will be no more delays in my posting especially because of internet issues!  ( Fingers Crossed )

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