Thursday, March 14, 2013


Gerard Butler, Elisabeth Shue and Hollywood newcomer Jonny Weston star in this inspiring true story of courage and friendship the whole family will love. When 15-year-old Jay Moriarty (Weston) discovers that the mythical Mavericks surf break is real, he reaches out to local surfing legend Frosty Hesson (Butler) to train him to ride it. What begins as a mentorship turns into an extraordinary bond that transforms both their lives, as Jay and Frosty learn valuable lessons about conquering fear in pursuit of your dreams. Featuring the most spectacular wave footage ever captured on film, Chasing Mavericks is packed with action and drenched with excitement!


I have always been a huge fan of inspirational true story movies so I was really excited when I got the chance to review Chasing Mavericks.  First off the scenery in the movie is beautiful and breathtaking!  You immediately want to go to the beach while watching this movie or at least I did.  I also really wanted to try surfing after watching this movie.  Of course not massive Mavericks.  But when you are not that great of a swimmer, it is usually advised to stay off the board!  Well, surfing is on my bucket list with swimming.

Now back to the movie...

This is a great family movie with a wonderful inspirational message for all.  All the actors did an amazing job with their characters. And you may laugh at me but I did get a little teary eye during it.  ( I am kinda a crybaby at true story movies! ) Of course I think this is a great movie for those true story fans but it is also great for movie lovers in general.  The dvd would make a great addition to any movie collection.

The dvd is available now where dvds are sold and at online retailers like  Right now you can purchase the dvd version of the movie for just $ 14.96 at Amazon.  So be sure to grab a copy today and be inspired!

* I received the above mentioned product solely for review purposes.  The above mentioned opinions are completely honest and completely my own.

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