Friday, March 29, 2013


Looking for a movie to add the kiddos' Easter basket; then Rise of the Guardians is a great choice...

Based on William Joyce's the Guardians of Childhood book series, Rise of the Guardians is a gorgeously animated film about Boogeyman Pitch Black's attempts to spread darkness and fear throughout the world and the guardians' attempts to foil him. Charged with the duty of watching over the children of the world, guardians Sandman, North, Tooth, and E. Aster Bunnymund are loved by children everywhere. When the Man in the Moon appoints Jack Frost to be the newest guardian, the other guardians doubt that Jack can be of much help against Pitch, especially considering that the children don't even believe in Jack Frost's existence. But when Pitch prevents Tooth from collecting the children's teeth, keeps E. Aster Bunnymund from hiding eggs on Easter, and turns the children's happy dreams into nightmares, the guardians realize that they're going to need all the help they can get. The children stop believing in the guardians one by one, and the question that remains is what can one fun-loving, somewhat immature boy with the power to freeze everything he touches possibly do to counteract the fear and darkness enveloping the world?


Rise of the Guardians is one of the movies my kids and I have been anxiously awaiting to come to dvd ever since we saw the trailer.  I was so excited when I got the opportunity to review the dvd with my kiddos, but I was even more excited when I got a package containing some AWESOME Swag!  Check out the pictures below of what I pulled out of the box...

First there was this FABULOUS bag that I fell in love with!

So I was in love with the bag then I opened it up and got even more excited...

I know it is kinda hard to make out all the goodies in the bag so I am including a list below...

  • Bunny Ears ( perfect for Easter and of course representing my fav character in the movie )
  • Rise of the Guardians dvd/blu-ray/digital copy featuring 2 hopping eggs
  • Rise of the Guardians pink watering can ( my oldest daughter fell in love with it)
  • Rise of the Guardians flower pot with Forget Me Not seeds
  • Assorted Candy
  • Tattoos for the kiddos featuring their fav characters
  • Easter Egg stands featuring the characters
  • Last but definitely a big hit in our house - Rise of the Guardians LED nightlight
My kids and I were so excited with all the goodies.  Next week we are planning on planting our seeds as soon as we get done with our small kitchen remodel so I can put the flowerpot in my windowsill.  Also I am going to paint it with them first.  We are also putting up the Nightlight in our bathroom.  

Of course after seeing all the goodies, my kids were biting at the bit to watch the movie finally.  So we gathered the necessities - Popcorn, Pillows, and of course a few of our favorite people to watch it.

I have to say I loved how unique the characters were and everyone seemed to have a different favorite.  I love the Easter Bunny!  My son loves North aka Santa.  My oldest daughter loves the Tooth Fairy while my youngest didn't have a favorite really ( it kept changing through the movie LOL).  My fiancee preferred  the Easter Bunny too.  Of course we all loved Jack!

Besides loving the characters, I also loved how beautiful the animation was.  I am always a huge fan of beautiful films and animation.  I also love the message behind this movie  I mean slowly Pitch tries to rob kids of the "Guardians".  I recently had to deal with kids at my daughters' school telling my oldest that Santa was not real.  She was heartbroken and after much convincing we all were able to show her he was real.  This movie helped bring that home even more.  

I have to say this movie is a must have for every family and it would definitely make a great addition to Easter baskets this coming Easter.  The dvd is available at most retailers nationwide and also at online retailers like  Right now you can get the blu-ray/dvd/digital copy of the movie for just $ 14.99.  So share the magic of the Guardians with the kiddos in your life and grab your own copy!

* I received the above mentioned items solely for review purposes.  The above mentioned opinions are completely my own and completely honest.


  1. Are you willing to sell the bG just the bag please please oh please!!