Tuesday, July 16, 2013


* I received the below mentioned product solely for review purposes.  The below mentioned opinions are completely honest and completely my own.

Simple and unique watercolor painting technique Create perfect works of art every time! Each canvas comes pre-printed with the unique Aquarelle outline The outline prevents the paint from running and when the canvas dries, adds detail to your artwork Mix the special liquid watercolor inks following the color chart, or invent your own for even greater creativity
More product information : Getting creative could not be easier! Aquarelle is a brand new watercolor craft concept, which is simple yet extremely effective. The technique helps you create perfect works of art – every time. The watercolor canvas is pre-printed with a thin white wax outline, which acts as a guide for the picture and prevents the colors from "running". Once you've completed your design, the wax design becomes a perfect white outline, showing all the detail in your painting. The unique liquid watercolor ink allows you to mix just about any color you can dream of. Either the follow the color guide included in the box, or if you are feeling really creative, you can always mix up your own blend of colors. • Winner of Best Creative Product at Olympia Toy Fair 2012 • Unique printed boards ensure image outlines remain “clean” to give that special watercolor “look” • Mix the inks following the color chart, or invent your own for even greater creativity • Ideal for ages 8+

All 3 of my children love to paint just like me especially my two daughters.  Usually we just buy our paint and coloring sheets separately instead of doing the paint by number kits.  Of course Aquarelle is different from most paint by number kits in the fact that you actually get to make your own colors ( which was really cool to my daughter).  The other way it is different is that you don't actually have to follow the color scheme on the box.  You can make the colors lighter or darker to suit your own liking.

I helped my oldest daughter to mix the colors just to keep from over mixing or making a mess.  Painting was really easy for her and if she did happen to go over the outline, no problem.  The outline was coated in wax so it kept the painting looking crisp and clean even with accidents.  The picture turned out amazing and my daughter was super excited with it.  It actually looked exactly like the one on the box !

Another thing I noticed with the kit is we had a lot of paint left over that I saved for future projects.  This is perfect since you can mix your own colors. I definitely recommend the kits for any paint lover especially kids.  They have different size kits and also have several images available to paint.  You can see the different images on the Ravensburger website.

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