Tuesday, August 13, 2013


So last week, my kiddos started back to school.  It has been really hectic because of unexpected issues like my son's calculator from last year being broken in his backpack.  This incident alone sent me running all over town looking for a new one before school started.  It also sent me to Staples twice in 24 hours and also creating some not so pleasant feelings with my once favorite Office Supply store, but that's another post!  I also had to buy my oldest daughter's new tennis shoes after I thought we were set in that department.  ( It was actually easier to find her shoes than my son's calculator and they were cheaper!  GO Fig! )

Anyhow back to my Maniac Monday yesterday...  It started like any other Monday except my daughters just simply seemed to refuse to get motivated and wake up.  This resulted in us running behind and us rushing out the door then it got worse...  The sliding door window on my minivan fell out when my kiddos shut it!  Now it didn't fall completely out; more like dangling from one side.  All I could think was "Really?! We need to be leaving like ten minutes ago!"  ( Of course I was glad that the window fell out then and not going down the road and breaking.)  SO I had to rush into the house to get my fiancee up so he could drive us.

After we got the kiddos to were they needed to be, we had to come home to start working on the window.    My fiancee quickly went into action and started working on my window ( I am so lucky to have such a resourceful guy who is equally talented!) .  You would think it wouldn't take that long, but over 3 hours later we finally got the window secured. This of course made my love late for work, but luckily for us his boss understood.  We would have waited til later, but it was kinda rush due to severe thunderstorms heading in before he would have gotten off work.

After all that, I had to struggle with my phone not working properly which seems to be happening a lot lately.  I so need an UPGRADE!  Then to add to that, I got caught in the rain while loading groceries.  I mean it's been awhile since I had a Monday like this and well, I hope it's even longer til I have another.

How about you?  Have you had a Maniac Monday recently?  What happened?

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