Monday, August 26, 2013


My whole family loves Shrek.  I mean how could you not love a story about an Ogre, a singing Donkey, a Skilled fighting Princess, and of course Puss N Boots!  Well, fans of Shrek have a new movie to enjoy.  Shrek the Musical is coming to blu-ray, dvd, and digital HD on October 15th for those who have missed Shrek and especially love a good musical!!!

Featuring a fantastic score of 17 all-new songs, Shrek The Musical was filmed on stage to capture the magic of a Broadway performance and stars an amazing celebrated cast including Brian d’Arcy James (Shrek), Sutton Foster (Fiona), Daniel Breaker (Donkey), Christopher Sieber (Lord Farquaad), and John Tartaglia (Pinocchio). The film was shot live on Broadway with 10 cameras and directed by Michael Warren. Now you can bring the magic of Broadway to your home and get the best seat in the house when the Deluxe Edition Blu-ray™ and DVD arrives on October 15th! Fans can join in on the performance with sing along Shrek-tastic songs on the Deluxe Edition Blu-ray™ + DVD + Digital HD™ or single-disc DVD. And the Deluxe Edition Blu-ray™ goes even deeper into the fairytale’s journey, taking viewers behind-the-scenes to see how the show became a smash hit that “will make your heart dance.” (Cindy Adams, The New York Post). 

Shrek The Musical tells the story of a swamp-dwelling ogre who goes on a life-changing adventure to reclaim the deed to his land. Joined by a wise-cracking donkey, this unlikely hero fights a fearsome dragon, rescues a feisty princess and learns that real friendship and true love aren’t only found in fairy tales. 

Now here's a peek at the trailer for the dvd...ENJOY!!!!

Looks like a great movie for the whole family showing a family classic in a new way!

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