Monday, October 21, 2013


* I received the below mentioned product solely for review purposes. The below mentioned opinions are completely honest and completely my own.

Your favorite Autobot first responders (Chase, Heatwave, Blades and Boulder) return with five more episodes filled with excitement as they help keep the little town of Griffin Rock safe! Join the Rescue Bots, along with their human friends, as they encounter Dr. Morocco’s strange new invention, learn about the mysteries of the Griffin Rock Triangle and shrink themselves in gigantic adventures that will be fun for the whole family! Find all of this and more in Transformers Rescue Bots: Griffin Rock Rescue! 

Episodes Include: 

The Other Doctor

The Reign Of Morocco

Small Blessings

The Griffin Rock Triangle

Rules And Regulations


Transformers Rescue Bots is a show geared more towards the younger transformers fans like my nephew and daughters ( but my son likes it too ).  The dvd is almost two hours of rescue bots which I know my nephew will love. 

My daughters previewed it first before I let my nephew watch it.  My daughters really liked it better than they do the other Transformers cartoons.  The dvd was not too long to lose their attention.  Actually it was a good length for them both and would be perfect for any young Transformers fans.

The dvd is available Tuesday nationwide where dvds are sold and at online retailers like for $ 13.44.  So be sure to grab a copy tomorrow for your little Autobot fan! 

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