Monday, September 26, 2011


Follow the witty and silly duo as they run into spooky trouble again! It's all fun and games for Garfield and Odie as they take a fun-filled trip on Halloween until Garfied is mistaken by a loose wild cat! 
Includes other out-of-this-world adventures. 

This DVD features 6 colorful, funny, adorable episodes of Garfield, Odie, John and the gang. 

My Thoughts:

My family loves Garfield just like I did as a kid growing up.  So the whole family was thrilled to get to watch this movie this past weekend.  The dvd was just over an hour and my kids loved every minute of it especially when Garfield was confused as a rare wild cat.  They have watched the movie again since then and still laughed just as hard.

This is definitely for any Garfield lover and would also be perfect and just in time for Halloween.  You should definitely get it fro any kid in your life or Garfield fan.  You can get it at most locations that sell dvds and online at for $11.70.

* I received this above mentioned product solely for review purposes and the above opinion is completely honest and completely my own.

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