Thursday, September 15, 2011

HEELYS review

For years, Heelys have been a hot trend among kids and even Usher jumped on the wagon awhile back in one of his music videos.  Now my oldest kid wanted a pair at one time but I refrained from getting him a pair simply for fear of him breaking his neck or for him getting in trouble for rolling through the school.

So when I recently got asked to review a pair , I jumped at the opportunity so I could see how safe and all they could really be.  Now i considered getting my son a pair but instead decided finally to get me a pair.  My main reason for this was so I could test them first and cause I have also heard that Heelys are a great form of exercise that is easy to do anywhere and all.

Now I spent several hours going back and forth on styles and such until I finally decided on the Heelys Wave in Aqua.

Now I was worried when I got them that they would be bulky like but they were not.  I actually like the shoes a lot.  Of course the true feat was "skating" with them.  Now I was never good at roller skating even though I always wanted to be so I was so nervous with these shoes.  Now I am still learning and taking my time but luckily Heelys offers tips and videos online to help any novice skater learn how.

I am hoping to completely master my Heelys shortly and maybe post my own Heelys video on here.  All in all my opinion for Heelys is good.  The wheels are easy to take out and now they have Heelys with two wheels in each shoe for younger kids to help them learn (which I think is just great).  They are a great exercise tool and will definitely be helping me lose some weight I hope. So if you have be nervous to get a pair for your kids or yourself don't be.

You can purchase Heelys at several shoe stores and online through several online stores.  You can check out the different styles online at Heelys. You can also follow Heelys on Facebook and Twitter for latest updates and discounts.

*I received the above mentioned product from Heelys and Business2Blogger solely for review purposes.  The above mentioned opinions are completely honest and completely my own.

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