Thursday, May 10, 2012


Drop a bomb and get plants growing! Attract butterflies and birds! Seed Bombs protect the seeds inside from animals, insects, and too much moisture when they are sprouting. You can throw them, toss them, crush them, or leave them. Then water them and they will grow! Seed Bombs are proudly made in the United States with top quality ingredients.

Seed Bombs come in the four different choices shown above - Butterfly & Bird Mixture, Shortgrass Mixture, Tasty Herb Mixture, and Native Perennial Mix.  IN just 21 days, the bombs will bloom.  Below is pictures of the growth timeline...

First Day
5 Days

21 Days
15 Days

I love how simple Seed Bombs are.  You can dig a hole and plant them or simply throw them out in the spot you want them to sprout before a rain or even crumble them up.  Plus in three weeks, you will have blooming plants!  How great is that?!

Now I received the Butterfly and Bird Mixture, Native Perennials Mix, and the Shortgrass Mixture.  I have just recently had the chance to finally plant mine due to us redoing our landscaping finally.  I have been desperately been wanting to redo our flower beds and we finally had the time and all to do just that.  I will say that I see tiny plants coming up so I am excited and will be following up with my finished results when I can.

I think Seed Bombs make a great gift for any mom who loves to garden or for those moms who love beautiful flowers and do not have a green thumb or time for a lot of fuss with plants.

Seed Bombs are available at Duncraft's website for $4.99 for 6 bombs or 20 bombs for $19.99.  I think this is a great bargain since each bomb covers 1 square foot.  These are sure to add a smile to moms face plus it will provide great memories when her and the kids can plant them together.

* I received the above mentioned products solely for review purposes.  The above mentioned opinion is completely honest and completely my own.

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