Monday, May 14, 2012

Whoowasit? board game makes great family fun for all ages! #review

As most of you know, I am a huge fan of board games and Family Game Night.  Yesterday my family and I decided to have a Family Game Night on Mother's Day as part of my gift.  I had recently received a new game from Ravensburger to review called Whoowasit? .

Reveal the Secrets of the Speaking Animals and Find the Thief!                    

The people of the castle are in a panic: someone stole the king's magical ring! The ring protects the kingdom against the evil wizard. The castle animals witnessed the thief during the night and can give clues to what the thief looks like. Only children can understand the animals when they speak, so it all depends on you to save the kingdom!

The chest contains intelligent electronics that ensure each game is different and exciting every time.

Listen as the animals speak from the chest and give you clues. By pressing the buttons, you will choose whether to search the rooms, speak with the animals or engage in magic. Work together as a team to find the magical ring before your time runs out!
Contents: 1 Magical Chest with Electronics, 1 Game Board, 4 Playing Pieces, 1 Ghost, 1 Cat Game Board, 9 Food Tokens, 4 Key Tokens, 4 Door Tiles, 1 Die, 10 Suspect Cards, 1 Ring
When I first saw this game, I was immediately intrigued by it and just knew my family would love to play it.  I was right, my family loved this game.  It is fun for all ages even my youngest loved playing it.  Since it is only for 4 players, I helped her.
My favorite thing about the game is that you are working together as a team to find the thief.  It is a good thing you get to work together as a team since the game is timed ( which is great fro some families who only have a limited amount of time for game night).  It was so nice to see my whole family rushing to solve the mystery.   Unfortunately for us we figured out who the thief was but ran out of time before we could officially solve it by opening their chest.
Another great feature of the game is that it is different everytime thanks to the chest which is amazing.  It remembers what has been found and done.  I loved this feature of the game and so did my kids.  The animals give you hints of who is the thief and the chest remembers the clues and can tell you how suspects are left after each clue.  That helps take out the guesswork about how many suspects to remove and such.
Besides the chest, my kids' other favorite part of the game would be the GHOST!  He makes the game a little trickier to complete since he cna send you back to start and also makes it impossible for you to enter certain rooms.  My oldest daughter seemed to roll him a lot, sending us all back to start quite a bit.  My kids just loved this and would bust out laughing.  They even made spooky sound effects like the chest did when they had to move the ghost. 
This game is a lot of fun for the whole family and also makes the family work together which is great for every family.  I recommend this game for every family!  It is sure to create tons of memories filled with laughter and family fun. 
The game is available now at the Ravensburger website for $49.99.  So be sure to get your own copy of the game today and have a Family Game Night this week.
* I received the above mentioned product solely for review purposes.  The above mentioned opinion is completely honest and completely my own.

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