Monday, July 16, 2012

AMERICAN GIRL : McKENNA SHOOTS FOR THE STARS dvd review and viewing party

McKenna is a talented young gymnast who has one goal: to make it to regionals. Unfortunately, her studies have been giving her troubles, and she has to find a balance between school and gymnastics before it's too late. Will a tutor be able to bring her back on the right track? And could a bad fall mean the end of McKenna's gymnast career?


Now first things first,  I dreamed of being a gymnast.  Alas my dreams never came true; well, at least I can imagine what if while watching a heart felt movie featuring American Girl , McKenna!

My daughters were super excited when I told them we were having a movie screening party with party favors and all especially when I told them it was a sleepover!  The screams were heard around the neighborhood ( my ears are still ringing!)  Of course I was excited too since that meant I got to plan a party and also the girls first official sleep over! 

I am a huge crafting nut so I knew I wanted to include that in my party so I made some party favors ahead of time to go with the theme which were "glow in the dark" star rings and hairbows.  Are they not stinking cute?!

Next I decided it was time for a trip to one of my Favorite stores - Michael's to stock up on American Girl craft kits.  I mean how can you have an American Girl party without some of their crafts.  I picked up an assortment ( shown below).

I also made some SWAG BAGS that included the ring and hairbows above in.  It also included some more glow in the dark stars for them to put whereever.  A McKenna activity sheet and rubber bracelet and some candy and a lip gloss and more jewelry. 

Now my girls do not have American dolls which I wish they did and have added them to my must buy list.  But I knew they would still love the movie despite not having one.  I was right.  The movie was a complete hit with the girls.  They all loved the gymnastics in it and yes, I did have to stop some tumbling before feet went through my tv!!!!

The great thing about the movie to me is the wonderful lesson teaching girls to ask for help when needed.  It is a lesson a lot of adults need to learn as well.  I was so pleased with this movie and amazed that it kept all the girls attention ( the ages ranged from 5 to 13) til the end.  Of course after the movie, I decided to see if the girls were ready to apply what they learned in the movie to the test.  We did the crafts and they all required assistance from me.  I have to say all the girls asked for help and I reminded them that that was the lesson in the movie.

All in all the night was tons of fun and a huge success so we of course finished it with make overs.  While doing the make overs my daughter informs me she wants to do gymnastics.  I chuckle to myself and say " Like Mother, Like Daughter!"

The movie is available now at Wal-Marts everywhere and online at .  Grab the girl in your life a copy and watch it tonight!

* I received the above mentioned product solely for review purposes.  The above mentioned opinions are completely honest and completely my own.

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