Monday, July 30, 2012


Here in the South, we have had some nasty storms lately and also unbearable heat for the kiddos.  So if you are like me, you scramble for things to do on those days.  Don’t fret! Phase 4 films is releasing eight new family-friendly films that are sure to keep kids entertained rain or shine! All films will be easily accessible to rent at Redbox locations and for purchase at retailers nationwide starting this summer.  The first two releases of the eight are Space Dogs and Kiara the Brave.


The exciting, animated tale based on the true story of Belka and Strelka; two Russian dogs sent to space in 1960. A circus dog and a stray dog embark on an out-of-this-world adventure to become the world's most famous canine cosmonauts!


I love when the movie industry takes an important event in history and makes it into an animated film so kids will learn something while enjoying a cute cartoon. This is exactly what happened with Space Dogs. It is a cartoon movie based on the actual story of the 2 dogs that went into space.

My kids loved this movie and my daughters liked it even more when I told them that it was based on a real story. It is beautifully animated and is a very cute story. All 3 of my kids watched the whole movie which can be a huge feat in my household.

I definitely recommend this movie to every family. I mean it is entertaining and educational for all ages. The dvd is available now at Redbox kiosks and nationwide at stores where dvds are sold and also online at for $ 13.29.  So head to your local Redbox kiosk and rent a copy tonight or just buy a copy!


Dreamzone has been a peaceful and a magical kingdom under the rule of King Maximus. That s about to change when he is captured and imprisoned by his evil brother Dreadmis. When he unleashes his vengeance upon the kingdom, the King s daughter, courageous Princess Kiara must conquer evil and restore harmony in Dreamzone. Together with her best friend Super Kloud, they embark on a magical journey to protect their Kingdom and bring the rightful owner back to the throne.


My daughters were really excited to see this movie when I showed it to them.  I was excited to watch it with them too since the cover made it look like it was going to feature a strong leading lady. 

Now the movie is not to be confused with Brave that has recently entered theaters.  This movie has nothing to do with that movie at all!  Now with that said, my daughters and I were still excited to see it.  I had a hard time getting my daughters to get interested in the movie at all.  Also I had a hard time trying to figure out what was going on in the movie myself and so did my kids.  My son started watching it with us too and struggled with it too.  To be completely honest, we ended up turning the movie off since all three kids got up and left the room. 

I honestly do not know how the movie ended and maybe one day the family and I will try to finish it but I honestly doubt it.  The movie is available now in Redbox kiosks  and also where dvds are sold and online at for $ 13.20. I would recommend though renting it first if you decide to watch it.  I mean just in case your kids are like mine and are not interested in it at all.

* I received the above mentioned products solely for review purposes.  The above mentioned opinion is completely honest and completely my own.

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