Monday, May 13, 2013


* I received the below products solely for review purposes.  The below mentioned opinions are completely honest and completely my own.

I am sure several of you may be asking what is a Wompkee so I have included some background information about them below...

The Wompkees are furry, big eared elfin-like creatures that have the ability to communicate with all the beings and animals in the world. Each Wompkee represents a different set of personality traits; no two are alike. They reside in the magical Wompkee Wood, eating Wompberries, and having adventures. As positive role models, children and parents can relate to and see themselves through one or more of the Wompkees. Curious and adventurous, the Wompkees are often faced with a situation that requires teamwork and brave action to save the day. Using their special ability to communicate with all creatures, the Wompkees teach us that through the power of using our words and our hearts, we can solve many of our problems.

There are 6 main characters and a little bit about them is shown below...

Gran: The matriarch of the Wood. Wise and warm and full of love. Loves to read books.
Twig: The littlest one, very brave for her age, but sometimes doesn’t think before she leaps. Sweet and sincere, full of curiosity and a bit of mischief.
Hummer: The inventor, super smart, no problem to great to solve. Only problem is his solutions can be a bit complex turning simple tasks into complex confusion.
Daisy: The athlete, and very coordinated. Often the big sister to Twig, but gets a little tired of having to act like a grownup.
Scout: Adventurous with a “can do” spirit. Very self assured and the one to take control.
Buster: A bit hefty due to his lust for Wompberries. Strong, but sensitive, and not overly confident.


When I first stumbled upon Wompkees, I thought they were simply adorable.  Of course I knew instantly that my 2 daughters would absolutely love them!  I was so excited when I recieved an email stating that Wompkees would love to work together on a review and they were sending out a copy of both of their movies ( A Very Wompkee Christmas and The Hidden Treasure of Wompkee Woods ) and also their adorable plush toys.  Now I have to admit I was nervous that I would only receive one plush Wompkee and thus would ensue a war between the girls.  Imagine how happy I was to open up the package when it arrived and find two big plushes and 2 finger puppets.  Thank you, thank you, thank you to the Wompkee and their creator Com for saving me from a war!  ( Trust me the  creator Com is a wonderful person to work with!)

I shared with my daughters that Wompkees use their big ears to cover their face when they sleep.  SO the first night that the girls and their wompkees went to bed, I saw two Wompkees with their faces covered tucked under the covers with my precious daughters.  It was a simply adorable and precious moment and oh how I wish I would have grabbed my camera.

My daughters spent the next days carrying the dolls and re-enacting their favorite scenes from the movies.  They simply loved the two movies and have watched them numerous times and I do not think they are getting tired of them!  I personally love that the movies are family friendly and a great choice for my daughters.  Below is a little more about each movie...

THE HIDDEN TREASURE OF WOMPKEE WOOD tells the harrowing tale of how Twig, the littlest Wompkee, and her band of brave friends - led by the can-do spirit of Scout and Daisy, the wisdom of Hummer and the humor of Buster - set out on the adventure of their lives to recover an ancient glowing stone and restore the power of universal language and love to all the Wompkees.

It’s Christmas Eve in the magical world of Wompkee Wood. Our big eared elfin friends, the Wompkees, prepare for a wonderful Christmas celebration. Twig, the littlest Wompkee, longingly hopes her biggest wish will come true. She wants to fly like all the other Wompkees. Luckily, Twig will get her Christmas wish just in time to save Wompkee Wood!

If you have not had the chance to meet the Wompkees, be sure to check out the video that I am including below.  Share it with your kiddos since I am sure they would love to meet the Wompkees as well.  You can check out more about the Wompkees on their website and also purchase the above items in their store here.  SO be sure to check them out again below....

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