Thursday, May 9, 2013

PBS KIDS comes to ROKU

Now an interesting tidbit about me is that I love my Roku!  I often try to imagine how we survived without my Roku before we got one.  So I am always excited when Roku adds new channels for our entertainment!

SO imagine how excited my kiddos were when I found out that Roku now has a PBS Kids channel for free featuring some of my kiddos favorite shows like Fetch! with Ruff Ruffman and the Wild Kratts and of course WordGirl !  Also there is a PBS channel as well.  Below is some more information about the channels...

The PBS Channel will include hundreds of videos from PBS stations, including episodes from new primetime programs as well as the PBS archives, with new national and local content updated daily. Programming includes video from AMERICAN EXPERIENCE, ANTIQUES ROADSHOW, FRONTLINE, MASTERPIECE, NOVA and SECRETS OF THE DEAD, as well as video from PBS Digital Studios.

The PBS KIDS Channel will include more than 1,000 videos from more than a dozen PBS KIDS television series, including CURIOUS GEORGE, THE CAT IN THE HAT KNOWS A LOT ABOUT THAT!, DANIEL TIGER’S NEIGHBORHOOD, DINOSAUR TRAIN, SUPER WHY!, WILD KRATTS and SESAME STREET.

Both PBS and PBS KIDS are available immediately for all Roku players in the U.S., and can be found in the Movies & TV section of the Roku Channel Store.  More information can be found at

SO if you have a Roku and kiddos then be sure to add the PBS Kids channel for hours of good quality entertainment! 

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