Sunday, May 12, 2013


* I received the below mentioned products solely for review purposes.  The below opinions are completely my own and completely honest.

Recently my family and I celebrated my nephew and son's birthday with a double birthday just before Mother's Day.  Over 12 years ago, I received one of the greatest gifts I ever received - My oldest - My Son and just before my very first Mother's Day.

So when I received an awesome package from Oriental Trading featuring some of their best selling crafts and supplies centered around Mother's and Father's Days; I knew I had to do a craft at the double birthday party.  I thought it would be great for the kiddos to take home just in time for Mother's Day!  The first craft we did was the adorable "MOM Clothespins".

Now they are actually a lot bigger than it may look.  They are made to sit on a table or desk to hold notecards or maybe pictures.  They turned out really great.  MY only piece of advice would be that the flower pieces may need more to hold them on like glue dots or something along that line.  We also received a great assortment of "MOM" foam stickers featuring "#1 Mom" and hearts and high heels and the kiddos also used them on their clothespins.  I also purchased them foam door hangers that they could design for their moms using the foam stickers ( here are the ones my kiddos created shown below...)

They turned out amazingly just like the clothespins.  I know the other moms will simply be thrilled to have a homemade gift from their little angels!  I also received some other crafting items like an assortment of buttons and a large pack of Scrapbook paper featuring Spring items like rainbows and such.  I have a ton of craft projects in mind to use these items in like end of the year teacher gifts.  I will be posting more about the projects I create this weekend after my kiddos and I work on them.

Now I also received some Father's Day craft kits and my family and friends' kids will be coming over for a crafting party in the next couple weeks and I will share a post featuring the Father's Day crafts.  I am really excited to see how they all turn out!  SO be sure to keep looking for my next blog post about Oriental Trading's craft kits and also possibly a Gift Card giveaway ( HINT HINT ).  SO be sure to check out Oriental Trading today for great crafting kits, party supplies, and even gifts.  They literally have something for everyone and every occasion.  You can also request a catalog here.

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