Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Okay by now I am sure you have heard of the wonderful site that is Pinterest.

I wish I could say I was there from the get go but actually I did not check it out until right before Christmas and I was immediately addicted to it.  I mean there is not enough hours in the day to pin everything.  Now I started searching it for crafts to do.  In case you did not know I am a huge crafter.  I just love making things and designing things.  It is just so much fun to me.

Now I have made several things from the help of Pinterest including a gumball machine from a glass bowl and terr cotta plant holder and saucers for Christmas gifts.  They were a big hit.  I plan on making myself one so I will be sure to show you the end result.  Right now I am trying to decide on a color scheme for it.

Also I recently made this beautiful desk organizer shown below.

Can you believe I made it using a Cheese Nips box and scrap booking paper and an Elmer's Xtreme glue stick.

Now I received step by step instructions from Katydid and Kid using a cereal box.  Just click on the link to follow the same steps to make your very own desk organizer.  Also if you do make one let me know and send me a pic.  I love seeing the different paper choices for this.

Also let me know if you are on Pinterest so we can follow each other or if you need an invite let me know.  I was on a waiting list but thanks to Tesa from 2 Wired 2 Tired I got an invite and am officially on there and not just stalking it anymore.

So I hope to see you on Pinterest - my new favorite website!

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  1. I love Pinterest too, I can spend an hour there and it feels like 5 minutes, I love it!
    Im on Pinterest as Donna (Turq)