Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Okay I wanted to apologize for my hiatus from posting on my blog much in the past week or so but my son has been sick and so have I and well it was the Holidays and I promised my family less time online and more time together.  Which is also kinda one of my New Year's Resolutions too - Be more efficient with my time period, but also to really enjoy more time with my kids and such.

I have read several posts from other bloggers about how sometimes blogging can cause problems in relationships so I have vowed to not let that happen in my family and trust me it almost did once but I quickly had a revelation and turned it around.  My family means the most to me as it should.

With that all said, I plan to bring more to the table with my blog as well.  I have been a little unorganized at time (you should see my desk at home)  and really need to get that under control for 2012 to help make my blog even better.  Also I want to make it a better blog all around with better writing and bigger events and hopefully bigger giveaway opportunities for my wonderful readers.

I have several more resolutions that I will be sharing with you more in the next few days - think a week of resolutions and maybe even some giveaways starting next week after my kiddos are good in back into school.  As for the rest of the week I am going to be showing you some more reviews and I also want to share some great sites and such to help make 2012 a great year for all.

So let's make this year great together!


  1. Im sorry to hear you & your son have been sick, and I understand about having enough time for your family. My family is most important to me too. It's good to see you feeling better.
    Looking forward to reading your reviews.
    Take Care & Happy New Year!

  2. I am glad you are doing better, too. I understand about blogging. I have to force myself to do other things. I haven't been blogging long. I just got started about December of last year and I find myself avoiding and not doing a lot of hobbies and activities I used to do. It is addicting that is for sure. But, it really isn't that bad either. I don't have little kids anymore and am older but it would be hard to do this and have kids too. You will know inside with that feeling when enough is enough. I am sure everyone understands totally! XO Rita