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Join MOZART CAT in his mysterious adventure as he braves danger on of a dark stormy night in the forest searching for notes he needs to compose a new piece of music. One by one, forest creatures come to his aid: Fish, Owl, Spider, Snake, Tortoise, Rabbit, and more! A definitions appendix completes the experience, along with interactive activity pages enabling instant integration of the educational elements of MOZART CAT's story into children's real world lives. 

The 3-track CD features renowned conductor James Conlon's story narration set to original arrangements of Mozart's Symphony No. 40 in G minor, KV. 550, and Eine Kleine Nachtmusik, K. 525 (A Little Night Music); the original music score for home storytelling, and an interactive educational track aligned with the activity pages of the book.


The wondrously lovable 11-inch plush MOZART CAT is the ultimate classical companion for kids. Squeeze his tummy and he plays a 30-second clip of A LITTLE NIGHT MUSIC (Eine Kleine Nachtmusik) Serenade No.13


Now I am always looking for toys that are educational for my kiddos and Composer Cats is just that.  I love the fact that someone has come up with a wonderful product to help introduce kids to Mozart and several other composers that are to come soon. 

My daughters loved the Mozart Cat and are constantly pressing his tummy to hear the music.   He is super cute and soft also! The music has sparked several questions from my girls which makes me happy.  I love sharing knowledge with them and they loved the book too.  They have had me read the book several times and they love the story.

I think the Composer Cat plush would be perfect for a baby shower gift since classical music is researched to stimulate babies.  Also it would be great for  any child who loves music.  I also think it would be great to introduce classical music to children.  You can purchase the Composer Cat plush and book at their website store.  The book and cd is priced at $19.99 and the Mozart plush is $29.99. 

Also they offer Opera Mice for sale coming soon with the first in the series being Figaro Mouse singing The Barber of Seville.  Just check out the little clip below that introduces them both.

I think Composer Cats and Opera Mice would be great additions to any family especially with very young children.  So be sure to grab the plush and the book today.

*I received the above mentioned products solely for review purposes.  The above mentioned opinions are completely honest and completely my own.

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