Thursday, April 12, 2012

RACE TO THE ROOF board game review


Can you make it to the attic before anyone else? Starting at the front door, roll the die and race through the different rooms. Roll a 6 and take an object card - you might leap forward or take a huge step backwards. No two games are alike on this varying game board. Finding the objects in the rooms supports recognition and association skills.      


As most of you know I love board games and so does the rest of my family.  I especially love games that my whole family can play together.  Now sometimes that is a challenge with the age gap between my son and his sisters.  There is almost 5 years difference between him and his oldest sister.  With that said, Race to the Roof from Ravensburger is perfect for all ages.  There is no reading involved so my youngest can play too.

Also another great feature of the game is that you can set the game up different each time so no game is the same.  There are room cards that can be placed in different orders so the board is changed with each game or you can keep it the same.

My kids loved this game since it was a level playing field.  Also depending on how many sixes you roll the game can last a little while but you will not mind cause it is fun.  I let the kids take turns setting up the game board which they loved too.

I love that the object cards make you search the rooms for various objects and can also help move yo ahead or even back.  MY kids  had a blast playing this game and we played it several times in a roll over Spring Break.

You can purchase Race to the Roof online at Ravensburger's website for $19.99.  It is definitely worth the price since the game changes every time and is great for all ages.  It is a great addition to any family's board game collection.  So be sure to get one today and see who can get to the attic first!

* I recieved the above mentioned product solely for review purposes.  The above mentioned opinion is completely honest and completely my own.

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