Thursday, June 21, 2012


Today the “Monsuno” action continues when another episode hits the small screen. At 8:30 p.m. ET on Nicktoons, Ace leads the team into a mining operation by hinting that Chase might find a clue to his father’s whereabouts there. However, Ace has his own agenda to destroy all the Monsuno Essence, but inadvertently triggers the shadow effect causing all battling “Monsuno” who turn gray to attack their own controllers! Find out if Chase, Bren, and Jinja can survive the shadow effect in the all new “Monsuno” episode, Shadow.

In case you have no idea what Monsuno is, here is a little background info about the show...

Millions of years ago, “Monsuno,” a living DNA, hitched a ride to Earth in a concentrated asteroid pocket. When it landed on Earth, the impact drove the dinosaurs into extinction. The “Monsuno” DNA lay dormant until a scientist named Jeredy Suno activated it, sending a rippling wave of movement back into action. By doing so, Jeredy may have reignited the end of the world but he also created its salvation, the “Monsuno” monsters. Now, it’s up to his son Chase to learn the secrets of “Monsuno” and help save the world from impending destruction.

My son loves the show and toys a lot.  I am sure Monsuno will become the latest rage like Bakugan and Pokemon were.  If you have a fan of those shows, then be sure to have them check out Monsuno online and then catch the new epsiode tonight.  Also be sure to "LIKE" them on Facebook.

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