Friday, June 15, 2012

THE GAME OF LIFE : zAPPed edition review

A family gaming experience like never before With THE GAME OF LIFE: zAPPed Edition, you can enjoy a whole new way to play! Add your iPad to the unique gameboard for a truly interactive family experience. The free app brings your game to life as you move around the board. You still get to move your car from space to space and select your path to retirement, but now you spin, get paid, sue other players and make important decisions all on your iPad. Don’t want to be just a plain peg? Go ahead and customize your peg character and add a peg-sessory!
Quick to set up, easy to play No assembly necessary! Just download the free app, hand out cars and cash, place your iPad on the board and you’re ready to go. Just follow the on-screen instructions and move your car around the board.

Exclusive multimedia content Real life is full of funny moments and so is THE GAME OF LIFE: zAPPed Edition. Land on app spaces to unlock more than 100 hilarious clips from America’s Funniest Home Video. Find out if these videos bring you good fortune or bad luck.

Includes gameboard, 4 car movers, 52 pegs, money pack, 4 rubber pads, Quick Start Guide. iPad not included but required to play the game.
For 2 to 4 Players
Ages 8 and up


One of my favorite board games growing up was the Game of Life.  I loved playing this game with my sister and parents.  My kids also love playing the game so I knew the new APP friendly version would be a hit for sure for my kids.

My kids actually loved this version more than the traditional one.  Partly I think because of the funny video clips from America's Funnies Vidoes.  They also loved the fact that you can customized your "peg."  I really enjoyed this part too.  I also have to say that I love the fact that the iPad is the wheel you spin too.  I use to get so aggravated at the spinner from the original game.  It never wanted to stay in its place. 

The game has become a family favorite with my family and is a great addition to our Family Game Night.  I recommend it to any family who loves games and of course apps.  Just be sure to remember that you have to have an iPad to play.  The retail price of the game is $24.99 which is a great price . You can check out this list of retailers so you can purchase your own copy of the game today!

* I received the above mentioned product solely for review purposes.  The above mentioned opinion is completely honest and completely my own.

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