Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Summer break is here and in full swing at my household.  With summer break this year has come remodeling of our house.  Thus the small gaps in my posting and falling behind in my announcing my giveaway winners.  I am so sorry for this!  Somedays I start a project in the house and focus all my time and energy on it until it is done.  Well, I am trying to better budget my time so hopefully in the next week or so I will find the perfect balance. 

I wanted to let my wonderful readers know that I will be posting and emailing giveaway winners today (some have already been emailed so go check and email me back!  Do not forget to check those Spam folders too just in case.)  If you have no email, do not get discouraged.  I may have not emailed you yet or you may have not won but I do have some great giveaways coming in the near future ( maybe starting one today! HINT HINT)

SO thank you as always for bearing with me through my delays.  I promise to get better and hopefully I can finally get organized since I am making headway with our remodeling.  Here is one of the many projects I have been working on with the help from my fiancee.  It is our new game table so we can play board games...

And yes, it is made from recycled pallet wood I got for free and I just added some "Oops" paint from ACE Hardware.  I spent all day yesterday sanding and painting it and I absolutely love it.  So between blogging and emailing today I will be finding the perfect spot in my living room for it.  OH and of course the idea for the table came from none other than Pinterest.  Love, Love, Love PINTEREST!!!!!  We are also building some storage bins for my dvds out of pallet wood.  I will show pics when we get them all finished. 

So let me know if you have any cool ideas for pallet wood that you have done or want to do.  Also are any of you all remodeling this Summer?


  1. That will make a great game table! I seen some nice ideals for pallets on Pinterest. They turn them into some pretty things.
    I would love to see everything when your finished!
    Donna D

  2. Good luck with the remodel and such