Wednesday, December 5, 2012


Here is a great stocking stuffer idea for every female tween and teen and even older ladies too!

The Tbox tampon holder is a simple holder that attaches easily, opens easily, and remains where I need it, when I need it most. Plus, I love all of the cute designs. When I travel, I stock my Tbox and throw it in my bag. The hard case keeps my products protected, and is both convenient and discreet.


I can remember how embarrassed I used to get as a teen when my tampons would fall out of my purse or backpack in front of everyone.  Also I hated going to the bathroom and my personal item being out of reach. Oh how I wish there had been a product to carry them in to keep them discreet or a product to keep them in arms reach.  Fortunately for my teen niece and my growing 2 daughters there is a product to help them from being embarrassed and also to help them keep their personal items close when in need -  Tbox.

The Tbox  is such a handy product to have around and I really wish I had had one sooner!  I can not tell you how many times I would need a tampon and not have one in reach.  The Tbox changes all that and keeps them right by the toilet while being discreet.  Now it comes in 4 color options ( Flower Power - shown above, Wild Side, Pretty in Pink, and Simply White) to personalize it for everyone.  I received the Flower Power one and I simply love the look of it.  This would be perfect for women of all ages.

Another great feature is that you can also use it to carry tampons in in your purse or car.  This helps keep them from falling out or even worse getting damaged at the bottom of your bag.  Of course if you think the Tbox is to big to carry around and prefer it by your toilet, you can also get the Tbox To-Go now.  It is available in a small stainless steel tube which it super compact and stylish.

I highly recommend both products and think they would make a great gift for every "young lady" on your list.  They would make a great stocking stuffer item and I know when my daughters get older I will definitely be grabbing one for them both.  Tbox is sold online in their website store for $ 13.99.  You can also purchase the Tbox To-Go there too for just $ 14.99.   So go grab a few today!

* I recieved the above mentioned product solely for review purposes.  The above mentioned opinions are completely honest and completely my own.


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