Monday, December 10, 2012


A gift idea for every car lover especially little ones!

The ultimate NanoSpeed racetrack delivers insane speed, twisted loops and adrenaline filled stunts. Defy gravity as you launch multiple cars into the triple loop, watching them wind their way through an inverted corkscrew and 5 high-intensity intersecting crash points. Every vehicle is automatically boosted to hit maximum speed for intense stunts and crashes. Inside you’ll discover two exclusive NanoSpeeds to start your collection of the fastest and most highly collectible pullback vehicles available. Experience massive speed on a micro scale with NanoSpeed.


My son has outgrown cars and tracks, but my nephew loves them. I knew immediately that the new Nano Speed series would be perfect for him.  The Super Vert Crash Set is a really great track for him since it features several loops which results in crashes.  I mean what could be better than little cars on a track crashing into each other!  NOTHING to a little boy! 

Now these are very small so of course really little kids should not be left alone with them or even allowed to play with them especially if they still like to put things in their mouth.

Setup of the track can be a little tricky but aren't most tracks.  The great thing bout this track is that there are numbers on the back to show what goes where (a life saver).  Once the track is assembled, the fun can begin.  The cars that come with can be powered off the track by pulling them back as well as on the track.  So this can double the fun and of course there are more cars available in the series so you can add to the fun!

Another great thing is that old and young can enjoy the track.  Trust me , my fiancee was so excited when he saw the box and I had to tell him it was not for him!  So this would be great for fathers and sons.  The set can be purchased in the toy sections of local stores everywhere and also at online retailers like .  Right now the price  on Amazon is $ 49.99.  Of course a lot of stores have had these sets on sale so be sure to shop around to get the best price!

* I received the above mentioned product solely for review purposes.  The above mentioned opinions are completely honest ancd completely my own.


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