Wednesday, December 12, 2012

ELF-MAN brings HOLIDAY MAGIC to DVD review

It's Christmas Eve at the Harper house, and young Ryan and Casey are excited that their scientist father (Mackenzie Astin of ''The Facts Of Life'') has finally perfected his new invention! But when dad is kidnapped by a bumbling gang of thieves (led by Jeffrey Combs of Re-Animator), Casey's wish on a magic doll causes Santa to leave behind a mischievous elf ('Wee Man') to save the day. Will Santa's little helper lose all faith in his elf self, or can he discover his true powers to become a real superhero? Mirelly Taylor (''Lost'') co-stars in this big-hearted family comedy about holiday wishes, scary fruitcakes and Christmas miracles that come in every size!


When I first saw the dvd, Elf-Man, I wondered if  my family would like the movie or if it would be too silly for my liking.  I worried Wee Man's acting would be bad, but he did a really good job to my surprise.  I have to say though after we watched it, we really liked it especially Gramma.  She was really funny and I think I laughed the hardest with her. 

Now my son really liked the movie and watched the whole thing while my dauhgters watched most of it but did get bored at some parts.  The fruitcake parts were their favorite!  They also loved the idea that Santa would leave an elf behind if there was a wish.  All in all my family liked the movie and shared several laughs together. 

This would make a great holiday movie to watch with the family .  The dvd is available now at local stores nationwide that sell dvds and also at online retailers like for $ 14.99.

* I received the above mentioned product solely for review purposes.  The above mentioned opinions are completely honest and completely my own.

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