Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Gentle on Baby’s Skin. Tough on Baby’s Messes.

You want the best for your baby, and so do we. Purex Baby detergent is hypoallergenic, dermatologist-tested and formulated to be extra gentle on your little one’s sensitive skin. Purex Baby detergent leaves your baby’s clothes smelling fresh and clean, and won’t harm the flame resistance of sleepwear.
I am always looking for products that are hypoallergenic for my youngest daughter who has sensitive skin.  Now she is no longer a baby anymore but she still has baby sensitive skin so I was really pleased to get the opportunity to review Purex Baby.
I have to say that I love the way Purex Baby left my clothes smelling and of course it did not agitate my daughter's skin which is an extremely big plus in my book.  So I am extremely sure that it would be perfect for a baby's soft skin and it is a lot more affordable than other baby detergents that I have seen. 
Also it is as effective on stains as the regular Purex brand even though it is safe enough for a baby's skin.  It easily removed stains from my messy eater little girl!  Also right now Purex is running a sweepstakes to help parents keep their baby's clothes clean and to even give them a little more spending money.  You can enter the Sharp Dressed Baby Sweepstakes now so be sure to enter for your chance to win.
Also be sure to sign up to receive my email updates because I do have a Purex Baby giveaway coming soon .  You can sign up for my email updates in the upper right corner of my blog. So keep your eyes peeled for a great giveaway opportunity coming soon!
* I received the above mentioned product solely for review purposes.  The above mentioned opinions are completely honest and completely my own.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013


So I am sure you may have noticed yet another delay with me and posting .  First I am sorry again.  I have been absent for a reason that has happened more than once - Internet Issues!  I know, I know, how is it possible to have this much trouble with an Internet connection?  Well, I would not have had as much trouble if one big problem had been fixed months ago when I reported having issues.  Since my internet has started having issues, we have had 3 modems, weeks without service, hiccups constantly in my connection, and 3 technicians out.

 The first tech came out to check our lines before the problem even started and said the lines were great.  Now fast forward several months and the connection issues begin so we replace a modem and that seems to fix it.  Of course not for long!  SO we start having connection problems again and they figure its the modem again so we get another modem.  Guess What?!  That's not it.  So they send out a technician who claims to fix a faulty line and let my dog loose.  ( All this while not calling so we can be home so my dog does not get out and also so we can give them access to the phone box).  Now since the tech can not access the phone box, we assume that part is fine.  I mean after all he fixed a faulty line right?!  Wrong!  We still have connection issues and check the phone box ourself after another tech is supposed to come out and never does.  We find that some of the wires are severed and fix them and guess what?  We have connection and we did it all by ourselves.  That was over 2 months ago! 

SO it sounds like my internet problem was fixed right?  Not quite.  Recently we had a rough week of weather with days of rain and then some sleet and snow.  During part of the bad weather, we lsot power and when it came back on...there was no internet connection again.  We chalked it up to an outage in the area so I called it in the next day, but there was not outage in my area.  The wonderful customer service woman schedules a tech call for me for the next day.  The tech comes out and I expect there to be a problem that was not reported and I was partly right.  Come to find out, the line that connects to our house was barely hanging on and apparently had been that way for the whole time.  SO basically our internet connections would come and go when the wind blew literally.  The tech could not believe that the other techs did not notice it, but as he said depending on the wind it would not show a problem unless you physically say it.  Luckily for us, he replaced the whole line with a new one that is more flexible and will keep it from breaking as easy!

SO I know this post is kinda long but hopefully there will be no more delays in my posting especially because of internet issues!  ( Fingers Crossed )

Friday, January 11, 2013


As you all may know, I am a Purex Insider.  Being a Purex Insider allows me the perk of reviewing the latest Purex products but it also allows me to review other products too like the Dial Holiday Foaming Soap shown above.

I was lucky enough to receive 2 bottles of the dial foaming soap featuring the snowman and peppermint designs.  I have to say that I love the designs and the snowman one is my favorite of the four and I was so excited to receive it to review.

The great thing about the Holiday foaming soap from Dial is it is simple to use them to help in your Holiday decorating.  I personally love the Snowman design for several reasons.  First it is simply adorable, but the main reason is that you can use this design for all winter long.  I usually keep my winter designs like snowman and snowflakes out even after Christmas until I start my Valentine's day decor.  Plus the peppermint design would be cute for Valentine's Day if you do a red and white theme.

Besides the cute designs, the foaming soap lathers great and gets your hands clean while leaving a nice clean scent behind.  I mean how can you beat a great foaming soap by a trusted brand like Dial in an adorable Holiday design.

I think these soaps are great for moms like me who love to decorate their house for the Holidays but can not afford to spend alot on those ceramic soap pumps that sometimes do not work ( trust me I have had a few that did not pump correctly).  The dial pumps worked everytime and I didn't have to fill em up.  Quick and easy and they look great!  These are definitely a must have for the Holiday season for those who decorate every inch of their house or those who like just a few little touches!

* I received the above mentioned products solely for review purposes as a Purex Insider.  The above mentioned opinions are completely honest and completely my own.

Friday, January 4, 2013


Okay first let me say... Happy Holidays and New Year!  I hope everyone had a bless and safe one!  Here's is looking forward to a new year and hopefully even better one!

Okay now for some updates!  In the next few days, you might notice some Holiday posts and I wanted to let you know that I am not crazy and I am aware that they are late.  I thought I had them set to post but apparently there was a glitch in my system or something not to mention internet issues at times lately.  Either way I will be posting them since I think they are great products to have.  Also I do have giveaways to go with some of them so be sure to keep those eyes posted.

Now as for my recent hiatus...part of that was for the holidays.  I had promised my kiddos and fiancee that I would take a Holiday break which I thought would be covered with posts still but either there was a glitch with my computer or system or operator error.  I know, I know, I am a blogger and should know how to do this all by now but to be honest I am still learning and sometimes with three kids I get sidetracked.  SO my apologies to everyone for the delay but one of my New Year's resolutions is to create a better blog.  With that said, I have thought about switching from blogger to WordPress and am still deciding.  If I do decide to switch, it won't be til this summer probably, but there will be more later on that.

My other resolutions are to lose weight of course, also I want to be more diy so look forward to more posts about that as well, and also to spend more time with my family and make those memories! 

I am glad to be back and have missed writing so keep those eyes posted for more to come!!!

MONSUNO : DESTINY dvd out next Tuesday #review

They hurled through space eons before man existed. They burned through the planet’s atmosphere and crashed into four corners of the world, bringing chaos, destruction and the extinction of the dinosaurs. And then, as suddenly as they appeared…they vanished. Now, the Monsuno are BACK! And their rise will either spell the ultimate destruction of our planet or launch the courageous adventure of mankind’s newest hero, the unpredictable teenager, Chase Suno!
  • Clash
  • Courage 
  • Underground
  • Wicked
  • Knowledge
 Since my family has decided to cut back on our expenses over the past few years, cable and satellite were the first to go.  So of course my son missed his favorite shows and some of the new ones that have come along.  When he saw the Monsuno dvd, he was so excited.  He enjoyed the whole dvd and I admit it was pretty interesting to watch at times.  My daughters also enjoyed the dvd as well and the next day I had kids playing "Monsuno."
I love being able to buy dvds that can keep my kids up to date with new shows and episodes.  This is a great dvd for any Monsuno fan and especially if your family is like mine and cut back on entertainment costs.  The dvd is being released next Tuesday, January 8th so be sure to grab a copy then.  The dvd will be available where dvds are sold and at online retailers like Amazon for pre-order for $ 12.99.  So get the boy in your life a copy this Tuesday!
* I received the above mentioned product solely for review purposes.  The above mentioned opinions are completely honest and completely my own.


Dreamworks Holiday Classics (Merry Madagascar / Shrek the Halls / Gift of the Night Fury)

Another great addition to your family's Holiday collection...

DreamWorks Holiday Classics: Dragons: Gift of the Night Fury - The Dragons are back in the exciting next chapter to the Academy Awardr-nominated* film, How to Train Your Dragon. The epic story of Hiccup and Toothless continues as they take flight in a thrilling adventure to discover an island of ever-before-seen dragons. Explosive action and fire-breathing excitement collide in this exhilarating DreamWorks Dragons story. Nominee: Best Animated Feature Film, 2010. Merry Madagascar - When Santa and his reindeer crash onto the island of Madagascar, it's up to Alex, Marty, Gloria, Melman and those wacky Penguins to save Christmas. Get ready for a sleigh full of laughs in this hilarious holiday classic. Also includes The Penguins of Madagascar in a Christmas Caper. Shrek the Halls - After promising Fiona and the kids a Christmas they'll remember, Shrek is forced to take a crash course in the holiday. But just when he thinks he has everything for a quiet family Christmas just right, Donkey, Puss in Boots, Gingy and the rest of the gang decide to crash the party. Shrek the Halls is the greatest holiday tale that's never been told until now. Also includes Donkey's Caroling Christmas-tacular.


I love Shrek and of course as some of you may remember - The Penquins of Madagascar so DreamWorks Holiday Classics is perfect for me, oh and of course my kiddos!  I have to say I love this dvd and enjoyed the addition of the new Dragons episode as well.  My kiddos also loved it and we had fun watching it during our Christmas movie countdown to the big day. 

This dvd is full of entertaining episodes and of course Donkey singing!  The dvd is available now and would be perfect to be added to your family's Holiday collection.  You could always do like my family and I do; we have movie collections for our favorite Holidays and watch them to start our countdown to said holiday.  The dvd is available now where dvds are sold and at online retailers like Amazon for $ 20.83.  As always this price can possibly vary since Amazon prices do.  I would suggest shopping around too cause I bet you can beat this price.

* I received the above mentioned product solely for review purposes.  The above mentioned opinions are completely honest and completely my own.


 Kung Fu Panda Holiday (Two-Disc Blu-ray/DVD Combo)

Here is another great movie to add to your Holiday Collection...

In this hilarious action adventure, Master Shifu calls on Po to host the year's biggest event - the Winter Feast, a special time of the year to celebrate family, tradition and the awesomeness of Kung Fu! Po and the Furious Five must team up to throw the best celebration the Valley of Peace has ever seen. Can Po pull off the perfect party, impress his heroes, and discover the true meaning of the Winter Feast?


My kids are huge fans of Kung Fu Panda so I knew this one would be a huge hit for them.  The movie is really funny to them and they enjoyed it alot.  It is quickly going to be added to our Holiday lineup of movies.

The only downside to the dvd is that it only has 25 minutes of Kung Fu Panda.  Which was a big bummer for my kids?  Of course it was great for the younger ones who don't like to sit through a long show or movie.  I recommend this be added to any Family Holiday movie collection or given as a gift.  The dvd/blu-ray set is available now at local retailers nationwide and online at Amazon for $ 14.99 right now.

So be sure to grab a copy today for your collection or as a stocking stuffer.

* I received the above mentioned product solely for review purposes.  The above mentioned opinions are completely honest and completely my own.