Friday, April 29, 2011


Some of you may have noticed that I have not posted in a day or two.  Well, simply that's because I live in the South and we recently had over 160 tornadoes visit the South.  I was one of the lucky ones and only lost power and some tree limbs and shingles.  The neighborhood I grew up in was not quite as fortunate with schools, businesses, and homes in ruins or in serious need of work.  Not to mention that surrounding states experienced the same or worse as my small hometown did.  I have weeped over the destruction and the losses.  I will be offering my time and help to my community the next coming days so my blog will be alittle quiet for a day or two.  I have to be there for my community in their time of need as I know they would be for me if I was in need.  I am thankful to God that it was not worse and hopeful that the road to build the towns back up will be quick (although I know alot will not be) and my prayers go out to every Southerner who loss something especially those who lost friends and loved ones!  I can not begin to say I am sorry!

On one note though I would like to commend the workers and communities who have banned together to search and rescue and to just help in general those in need.  Moments like this remind me why I am proud to be from a small country town filled with people with enormous hearts!  Thank you all for reminding the world that the South is a wonderful place to live.  Also to my friends (we are relatively young in age and alot of us are struggling in the economy ) who have truly risen above and beyond to help our communities.  Makes me so proud to know each and everyone of you!  May God Bless You all!

Now my family and I are on our way to donate supplies to those in need.  I recommend those that can do the same do it.  And if you can not then say a prayer for those who need it!  Because by the grace of God we will all rise up through the rubble and become stronger and rebuild our communities!

Prayers to everyone!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


My next gift idea is great for moms who like to organize (or maybe those who need to like me) and who also like to save space.  It is the New Lavender Scented Space Saver Bags.

Of course I think everyone has heard of Space Saver bags, but now they have come out with lavender scented bags that work just like the regular ones.  According to commercials they are easy to use just insert clothes, zip up, and vacuum the excess air out.

Now I am a mom who needs to save space and organize both.  In my house there are five people and limited amount of space for sure. Surprisingly I didn't own any space saver bags before the kind people at Space Savers sent me an extra large and jumbo lavender scented bags to review.  Now I was not sure that these would work as well as stated on tv but Yes, they do.  It was really simple and didn't take me long at all.  Now below are my before and after shots and while they don't look as pretty as the ones shown on tv I was still super excited with the outcome.

You can not tell it but the after shot is alot flatter than it shows.  I absolutely love this bag and I also like the fact that it has a kinda lavender smell to help the clothing or bedding smell fresh while being stored.  This is a must have for moms or college kids or anyone with limited space and a lot of clothing or bedding to store.

Space Bag also has a new community to offer deals and tips for everyone called Space Savers.  Check it out for great tips like store Space bags in empty suitcases to save room.

* I received the above mentioned products solely for review purposes.  The above opinion is completely my own and completely honest.

Now for some really good news... One lucky reader will have the chance to receive an extra large and jumbo lavender scented like I did.

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The giveaway starts today and will run for two weeks and will end @ Noon on May 10th. 


My next Mother's Day gift idea is for moms of younger kids (meaning they still need to be at home and dependent on mom).  It is a product that will really be great for stay at home moms or homeschooling moms of younger kids but it can be for moms of all ages as well.  It is the BeanStalk Express Snack Time Survival Kit.

The Snack Time Survival Kit is made of wood and has four clocks.  The largest clock is the main clock and tells parents and children what time it is.  The three smaller clocks that each have a hook hanging below them are to be set to show snack times for the kids.  The kit comes with 33 snack cards that have pictures of healthy delicious snacks on one side and important tips and information on the back side.  (Now I had wanted to include pics of the cards but my camera decided to die and I have not had a chance to get more batteries yet).

Now how it works is quite simple.  At the beginning of each day mom  or dad will pik out 4-6 cards with snack items that are in the house and then the kids get to pick what 3 snacks they want today.  The parents then set the times on the clocks and place one snack card on each hook under the clocks.  Now parents and kids work together to keep up with the snack schedule.  When it is time mom removes the card and serves the snack.

Now I have two smaller children who are not completely able to tell time yet so I was worried how this would work for them.  I quickly explained how it worked and after a few days of the routine they finally seemed to get it.  They are smart cookies and were matching the little clocks to the big clock.  At which point I would tell them the time so they could connect the time with the clock and give them their snack.  I love the Snack Time Survival Kit and recommend ti to all moms.  I think it would be absolutely wonderful for moms who homeschool.  It has helped my kids and I have a better schedule and I also love the fact that it helps with them not over snacking.  I have also been using it to help me stay on course with my own snacking.

The Bean Stalk Snack Time Survival Kit can be purchased online.

* I received the above mentioned product solely for review purposes.  The above opinion is my own and is completely honest.


Now my latest gift idea for Mother's Day is for the mom who loves soft drinks and also loves to help the planet. Sounds like a strange combination huh?  But my latest gift idea can help Mom with both.  It is the SodaStream...

Now some of you may be asking what is Sodastream.  Well, Sodastream is a home soda maker that uses soda mixes, cold water, and carbonators to make home soda.  Now Sodastream has several different sized and style machines available for different budgets.


They also have a machine called the Fountain Jet available which is the machine that I was sent to review.

Now I am a huge soft drink lover and usually drink it every day so to say I was excited about this review was a huge understatement.  As soon as my package arrived I riped open the box and was so pleasantly surprised.  Sodastream had sent me the Fountain Jet machine with one carbonator and several soda mixes including root beer, cola free (think coca-cola free), ginger ale, and energy drink (think red bull) just to name a few. I immediately of course felt the need to make some soda.

Now set up on this machine is easy just remove the back cover and screw in the carbonator into the back of the machine. Replace back cover and fill the 1 liter bottle with COLD water. ( I emphasis cold because they tell you not to use warm or hot water when making it.)  Now you screw the bottle into the machine and press down on the button on the top of machine to add the carbontaion to the water.  It takes 3 pushes until you hear a buzzing like sound then yu remove the bottle and add typically a capful amount of the soda mix.  Be sure to slowly pour the soda mix into the water.  ( First time I didn't and had a huge mess to clean up).  Replace lid and slowly mix the mix with carbonated water.  Remove cap and enjoy.  Now that is as easy as it gets.

Now I told you earlier that this product helps the planet and I was not lying.  First you don't have all those plastic bottles or cans to deal with anymore so less trash and recycling.  Also it saves room in your house and money.  Each bottle of soda mix can make the equivalent of 33 cans of soda.

Wait I have another great feature to tel you about with Sodastream.  It has less sugar, carbs, calories, sodium, and caffeine than the regular brands of soda.  You can compare the amounts on their nutrition page.  I loved this since I am currently trying to lose those last pounds.  I also loved it because occasionally reward my kids with a Sprite and now it is even better ad easier to do that with this machine.

Okay now I know you are all dying to know how does it taste.  Well, honestly I am very picky with my soda and I have to admit I enjoyed my Sodastream soda. I especially think the Energy drink tastes like Red Bull. I am really interested in trying the LemonLime soda mix instead of the Diet which was one of the ones I received and compare it to my regular Sprite.  I have never been a fan of Diet Sodas.  

I recommend Sodastream to anyone who loves soda and wants to help out the planet or needs to cut back on carbs or sugar.  This is definitely a great gift for Mom.  You can buy Sodastream machines and supplies online at their website or at select locations.  You can check for here for locations.

* I received the above mentioned products strictly for review purposes.  The above opinion is completely my own and completely honest.

Monday, April 25, 2011

MOTHER'S DAY GIFT #3 - Jerdon JGL9W 5X Magnification Tri-fold Lighted Mirror Review

My next Mother's Day gift idea is a gift for the mom (or woman since you don't have to be a mom to use it) who likes to look good. It is the Jerdon Deluxe Lighted Makeup Mirror.

This mirror is for  the woman who likes to really see what she is doing when putting on her makeup or tweezing her eyebrows or just bout anything else.  This mirror has everything including an additional outlet for styling products like curling iron or straightener.  It also has two side mirrors along with a big middle mirror that you can flip over to reveal a 5X magnifying mirror so you can REALLY see what you are doing.  It also has two glare-free fluorescent light bulbs with four settings (day, office, evening, and home).  The deluxe mirror also has an adjusted back stand so you can adjust its height to fit your needs.  

I was lucky enough to receive the above mirror to review for my blog.  First I have to say I have never had a lighted makeup mirror or one with side mirrors so I was really excited to review this mirror.  First having side mirrors is definitely a great thing to have.  I loved having them so I could use them to check every possible angle of my face.  I also loved the fact that it is lighted and has several lighting settings although I have really only used the day setting since I usually put my make up on first thing in the morning.  I like having the option to adjust the lighting if I need to and I find the bulbs to be plenty of light for me to put my makeup or facial products on with.  I also really love the magnified mirror so that I can tweeze my eyebrows.  This feature alone is worth buying the mirror!  I also love the fact that it is easy to fold up and store since I am currently working  on a place in my bedroom for my personal vanity to go and don't have a set place to live the mirror put up at.  I can just take it down if I need to and store it til the next day I need it.

I would definitely recommend this mirror for every woman who has to put on make up or who needs a great mirror.  It would definitely be perfect for a Mother's Day gift or birthday gift.  You can currently find them online at for $27.00.  

*I received the above product strictly for the purpose of my review.  The above opinion is my own and is completely honest.

Thursday, April 21, 2011


My next Mother's Day gift idea is definitely one of my favorites.  Every mom deserves a chance to unwind and just relax.  Trust me I know most of us moms rarely get that option and if we do it is for only a few minutes.  So why not offer mom a gift to help her unwind and relax.  How bout getting her a bottle or two or three of FlipFlop Wines.

Now these wines are very affordable at $7 a bottle and they come in red and white varieties including Chardonnay, Riesling, Pinot Grigio, Moscato, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, and Pinot Noir.  Basically they got every person covered and every taste style as well.

Now FlipFlop Wines were created by David Georges who has studies viticulture and even had wine making classes at University of California.  He has worked at several wineries including Artesia and David Bynum.  His goal is to stay true to each wine's character and to make affordable wine for everyone.

 Now I was lucky enough to receive two bottles to review.  (I know you all are so jealous of me right now!)  I received a bottle of Pinot Grigio and Riesling .
Tastes like
Light-bodied, refreshing Pinot Grigio with tropical citrus, ripe pear and a zesty, clean finish. Taste with vintner David Georges, click here.
It is full of
Balanced crisp acidity
Eat with
Bruschetta, spaghetti carbonara, eggplant parmesan or your favoritetacos
Away from direct sunlight
Sweetness Meter: Dry

Tastes like
Medium-bodied, Riesling with peach, apricot and melon which lead to a satisfying, smooth finish
Taste with vintner David Georges, click here.
It is full of
Tropical notes and sweet aromas
Eat with
Tofu stir-fry, shredded pork tacos and sake sashimi
Away from direct sunlight

Sweetness Meter: Dry

Now I have never been a knowledge person about wine like what kinds the best or what food goes with white or red.  I just usually drink a glass of wine that I think tastes good.  I know it is sad but I have never really had the time to educate myself on wine.  Luckily for me the label of each bottle of FlipFlop wine tells me what it is best served with and even how it will taste and I love this feature.  So now thanks to FlipFlop Wine I can seem like a smart wine drinker too.  I also love the fun labels and of course the price per bottle is great ($7.00 a bottle).  Now for the taste, I loved them both.  I know with some affordable wines you can tell they are cheaper but with Flip Flop Wines it tastes like an expensive bottle of your best.  My only problem  is now I am out of wine.  LOL

Now as if affordable great tasting wine and making mom relaxed and happy were not enough reasons to buy FlipFlop Wines, I have another reason for you.  FlipFlop Wines has teamed with soles4souls and has graciously agreed to distribute a pair of shoes to a person in need for every bottle sold.

 Now that is something mom can be proud of.  Not only did you care enough to get a gift for her but in doing so you helped out a person in need.  Both gifts are sure to warm mom's heart.

So this year why not give mom a gift to help her relax so she can sit back and think of what a great job she did raising you.  I mean its only true since with the purchase of FlipFLop Wine you just gave someone a pair of shoes.

You can purchase FlipFlop Wines online for $7.00 a bottle or $84.00 a case.  SO hurry and ordered yours for Mother's Day.

* I received the above mentioned products solely for the purpose of my reivew.  The above opinion is completely my owna dn completely honest.


Now as we all know Mother's day is approaching fast and will be here before we know it.  So my  question is what are you getting her?  Well, the first thing you should get her is a beautiful card. I mean what mom does not love a pretty card.  Now you do not wait just any old card so luckily for you I have found a wonderful website that offers more than just a regular " You are the Greatest Mom" card.  Snapily is a website that offers 3-D and animated cards.  Yes, I said 3-D and animated cards.  And No, I don't mean e-Cards.  I mean actual cards.

Is that not absolutely amazing?  I mean not only are you getting mom a personalized card but it has two pictures.

I was lucky enough to receive a card of my choice with my own pictures.  I picked two pics that contained all 3 of my kids and my fiancee. The process to order the card is simple.  Basically just upload your pics to their site after choosing your card style and insert your message and complete your order.  That's all there is. First let me tell you I was impressed with how quickly I received the product.  I honestly expected it to take longer since it was 3-D cards.  Second I loved my card from the moment I saw it.  It was amazing and I definitely recommend it to everyone.

Currently Snapily has a special coupon just in time for Mother's day. They are offering three different offers which can save you up to 50% off your purchase.  But you need to hurry cause the coupon offer expires May 8th.  Fortunately the coupon is good for 6 months after purchase.

Also the cards are not as expensive as I would have thought.  In fact they are the same price as some regular cards.  Cards start at $3.99 and shipping is free on orders over $30. Now how could you pass up those prices and  an offer to receive 50% off an amazing card for mom!  I mean she will always remember the card and you can be proud to know you saved money on a gift that mom loved and cherished.

*I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commissions 16 CFR, Part 255 Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising. Tomoson Product review & giveaway Disclosure.


Mother's Day is May 8th and is just around the corner.  I have decided to over the next few days to offer my readers some gift ideas for mom. So please check my gift guide for mom especially if you have a mom who is hard to buy for or has everything.  I think one of my ideas will probably be a great gift for your mom.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Look out world it's Jack Black & he's starring in the biggest role ever... Gulliver's Travels.

Lemuel Gulliver has been working in the mail room of a New York daily newspaper for the past ten years. Afraid to put himself out there, he considers himself a loser, as do all his peers. One day, after having finally had enough, he decides to declare his flame to the beautiful Darcy Silverman, the newspaper's travel editor and one of Gulliver's only friends...only to chicken out at the last minute and instead tell her that he'd like to try his hand at writing a column. Darcy accepts and sends him on an assignment to the Bermuda Triangle. There, Gulliver becomes shipwrecked and ends up on the island of Liliput, where he is twelve taller than the tallest man. For the first time, Gulliver has people looking up to him...

Gulliver's Travels is definitely a comedy with humor for all ages.  Jack Black is a funny guy as always.  This movie has some funny scenes like the one where he uniquely puts out a fire.  My son loved that part and was rolling. I won't give away how. you will just have to watch the movie.  I recommend this movie if you need a quick laugh.

Gulliver's Travels is being released on dvd on April 19th just in time for Easter baskets and Father's Day.  It would make a great Father's Day gift for that comedy loving dad.  Available at most retailers that sell dvds and online at for $ 16.99.

* I received the above mentioned product strictly for review purposes.  The above opinion is completely honest and completely my own.


Zhu Zhu Pets have sweeped the nation and now the puppies are joining in too.  Now out on Nintendo DS, Zhu Zhu Puppies.

In ZhuZhu Puppies, the player has the ability to bond with their own cute and personalized puppy. Players will become intimately acquainted with their puppy and get to take care of it, just like a real pet, by walking, grooming, and feeding it. If they successfully care for their puppy, players will receive merits which can then be accumulated and used to spend at the pet shop. Different game components, including songs, games, and a full customization menu, make this one of the most personalized and specialized virtual pet experiences.

Now my daughters are huge Zhu Zhu lovers so I had no doubt they would love it.  My main concern was how hard would this game be for them.  Luckily it was easy enough for them to follow and play especially since there is no reading involved which I am glad.  This game is absolutely adorable.  Along with being fun it also helps kids get an idea what needs to be done to take care of a puppy.

  I recommend this game for girls and boys who love Zhu Zhu Pets and Puppies.  It would make a great birthday gift or Easter basket stuffer.  The game is available at mass retailers taht sell DS games and online at for $ 27.00.  Now this version on sale at also includes the Freckles puppy toy. 

* I received the above mentioned product strictly for review purposes.  The above opinion is completely honest and completely my own.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Captain Planet and the Planeteers : Season 1 dvd review

By your powers combined I am Captain Planet Season 1 on dvd.

This dvd contains 4 discs which contains all 26 episodes of the first season of Captain Planet.

Season one (1990-1991)

LeVar Burton does the opening narration.
  • 1. A Hero for Earth - Gaia, the spirit of the Earth, summons five teenagers from five different corners of the world to help her in the battle to save the planet. For their first assignment, the Planeteers battle Hoggish Greedly, whose oil rig operation is jeopardizing the coastline.
  • 2. Last of Her Kind - Wheeler plans to buy Linka an ivory necklace for her birthday, but Kwame recommends anything except that for a gift. Meanwhile, Looten Plunder is wiping out the elephant population of Africa, Kwame's native land, in order to gain a quick profit in the ivory trade. Wheeler learns firsthand the true cost of ivory trinkets, as he and the other Planeteers help return a baby elephant to its mother and battle to save the elephants from extinction. First appearance of Looten Plunder andArgos Bleak. This is also the episode that sees Plunder uttering of the famous line "You'll Pay For This {Captain} Planet!", which would resonate throughout the end credits for the series.
  • 3. The Dead Seas - Hoggish Greedly and Rigger scheme to catch and sell all the fish in the ocean with a fleet of illegal drift net fishing boats. When Greedly steals their rings, the Planeteers are forced to use their initiative to retrieve them and save thousands of marine animals from the eco-villains' deadly nets.
  • 4. Polluting by Computer - Dr. Blight and Sly Sludge break into the government's computer system in order to obtain phony legal documents allowing them to change all the national parks into giant toxic waste dumps. In addition, Dr. Blight's computer MAL falsifies the criminal records of the Planeteers and cleans up Sy Sludge's background check to make him look like a committed environmentalist. First appearances of Dr. Blight, MAL and Sly Sludge.
  • 5. Population Bomb - Knocked unconscious after a surfing accident, Wheeler has a dream in which he is marooned on a strange island inhabited by a race of humanoid mice who are destroying their environment by pollution, overpopulation andoverconsumption.
  • 6. Ozone Hole - Duke Nukem destroys the ozone layer over Antarctica so he can feast on the sun's dangerous UV raysCaptain Planet and the Planeteers battle to protect the Earth from Nukem's deadly radiation. First appearance of Duke Nukem and Leadsuit.
  • 7. Beast of the Temple - The Planeteers travel to Thailand in order to prevent Greedly and Rigger from surface mining for rubies and terrorizing the people.
  • 8. Rain of Terror - Ma-Ti battles self-esteem issues as the Planeteers try to stop Verminous Skumm from destroying a city with a giant cloud of acid rain. First appearance of Verminous Skumm.
  • 9. Volcano's Wrath - Sly Sludge, who claims to have solved the world's problems of waste management by inventing a shrink ray that reduces garbage, is making big bucks by having countries ship their garbage to him for disposal. However, Sludge is secretly only dumping the garbage into a volcano on Laipuno Island. When the volcano erupts, Captain Planet and the Planeteers must save the islanders from the lava flow.
  • 10. Skumm Lord - When Verminous Skumm contaminates the water supplies of South America with a disease known as "rat rot", which turns its victims into rat-human hybrids, it's up to Kwame and Ma-Ti to find a cure when the other Planeteers become infected.
  • 11. Deadly Ransom - Dr. Blight and Duke Nukem hold Captain Planet prisoner in Antarctica, demanding that the Planeteers give them a lifetime supply of nuclear waste in return for his safety. Without their powers, the Planeteers must mount a daring rescue in order to save Captain Planet.
  • 12. Tree of Life - Dr. Blight and her robojacks chop down a sacred tree known to villagers as the "Tree of Life" and Blight harnesses the tree's powers for herself. With her new powers, Blight plans to destroy the ancient redwood forestsSpecial Guest StarFloyd Red Crow Westerman as Old Indian Man.
  • 13. A World Below Us - After Gi is rescued from Sly Sludge's mechanical octopus, she is taken to a secret underwater city known as Oceanus, which is being threatened by Sludge's illegal toxic dumping. When the dome around Oceanus begins to burst, flooding the city, Captain Planet and the Planeteers must race against time to save the people of this underwater paradise.
  • 14. The Littlest Planeteer - When the Planeteers stop a bus full of elementary school students from diving off a cliff, nine-year-old Jason, one of the students, follows the Planeteers home and idolizes Wheeler. When Wheeler suffers from second degree burns which renders him unable to use his ring, Jason steals Wheeler's ring and tries to single-handedly battle Dr. Blight's newly-created smog monster, which feeds on air pollution, Jason learns what it really means to be a Planeteer. Later on, Captain Planet makes Jason an honorable Planeteer.
  • 15. The Conqueror - The Planeteers are led astray by the promise of power from Zarm, a war-like god who had been Gaia's predecessor as the Spirit of the Earth. Zarm dazzles the Planeteers into telling them that they can create an environmetalutopia on Earth and gets them to follow him instead of Gaia, save for Ma-Ti, whose loyalty to Gaia is the strongest. With the Planeteers split up, Gaia becomes mortal and increasingly weaker. Can Ma-Ti convince the Planeteers that Zarm's true intent is to instigate a nuclear war?
  • 16. The Ultimate Pollution - Looten Plunder instigates a war between two desert villages so that he can sell firearms to both sides. When the Planeteers try to expose his scam, he imprisons them in a toxic trap. With bombs exploding around them, it is up to two young boys from the opposing villages to make their parents see sense, free the Planeteers and help stop the destruction.This episode also deals with drug use/abuse. Linkka's brother is deceived by Looten and toward the end of the episode Linkka tries in vain to stop her brother from taking them, ultimately he collapses and dies in her arms.The episode was aimed at helping parents talk to their children about the dangers of drugs and peer pressure.
  • 17. Meltdown Syndrome - When a scientist tries to cover up a radiation leak at a nuclear power plant, Duke Nukem zeros in on the "hot spot" and triggers a meltdown. With time running out, Captain Planet and the Planeteers are forced to cool off the reactor before an explosion occurs and contaminates the planet. When the scientist admits that he supported nuclear power on the basis it was clean and plentiful in an attempt to solve the energy crisis, the Planeteers recommend he instead researchgeothermal power.
  • 18. Don't Drink the Water - Looten Plunder, Dr. Blight, Verminous Skumm and Hoggish Greedly join forces in a plot to pollute a city's water supply so they can sell their bottled water to thirsty citizens at outrageous prices. Captain Planet and the Planeteers set out on a mission to find pure water and break up the "Pollution Syndicate."
  • 19. Plunder Dam - Looten Plunder dams an African river and installs a large hydroelectric power plant, cutting off water supplies to the villages. Gaia warns that only carefully engineered dams are beneficial. The villagers soon realize that Plunder's electricity is not a fair trade for the food and water that the river provided. With their crops dying and thirst-crazed elephants on the rampage, they enlist the help of the Planeteers to stop Plunder's scheme. The Planeteers then build a wisely placed dam to balance proper river flow with electrification of the village.
  • 20. Kwame's Crisis - Sly Sludge is burying a small town under garbage and the townspeople don't seem to care. Feeling he can't make a difference, Kwame leaves the Planeteers, but a young girl's single-handed recycling effort restores his faith, and with her help he attempts to save the Planeteers from Sludge's giant trash compactor.
  • 21. Smog Hog - Greedly hijacks Jane Goodair's environmentally friendly automobile factory in order to manufacture his Road Hog, a smog-spewing nightmare, and city is soon choking on exhaust fumes. When his own son, Greedly Jr., falls ill from the pollution, Greedly must turn to Captain Planet and the Planeteers for help. Special Guest StarsPhyllis Diller as Jane Goodair and Charlie Schlatter as Hoggish Greedly Jr.
  • 22. Mission to Save Earth Part One - The eco-villains steal the Planeteers' rings and abandon the them on an island inhabited by Commander Clash, a soldier with a cold war mentality. Clash appears to be their most dangerous opponent to date, untilCaptain Pollution, summoned by evil duplicates of the Planeteers' rings created by Dr. Blight, appears and traps them.
  • 23. Mission to Save Earth Part Two - The Planeteers befriend Commander Clash and convince him to help them retrieve their rings and use his military skills in the battle against Captain Pollution.
  • 24. Two Futures Part One - The Planeteers' mission to prevent Dr. Blight and Greedly from travelling back in time to speed up global warming takes a turn for the worse. When Wheeler gets chastized for messing up, he doubts his own worth as a Planeteer. Dr. Blight sweet talks Wheeler into forgetting the Planeteers, and has MAL sent Wheeler back in time and alter his past. Wheeler accepts and convinces his past self to get rid of his Planeeter ring. However, Wheeler is then sent forward in time to the 21st Century, where he firsthand sees how his actions end up drastically changing the future.
  • 25. Two Futures Part Two - Traveling back in time so that he never becomes a Planeteer, Wheeler jeopardizes the survival of life on Earth. Gaia told Wheeler that after he traveled back in time to get rid of his Fire ring, Dr. Blight sent Hoggish Greedly and Rigger back in time to the 1950s to take advantage of lower environmental standards. When Gaia gives him the chance to go into the future and see the consequences of his actions, he sees all sorts of environmental disasters and a place where Captain Planet does not exist due to no Planeteer team. He also meets aged versions of his fellow Planeteers who are struggling by themselves to fend off problems, as well as a powerful and super-rich Hoggish Greedly and Rigger who have taken over Hope Island. Wheeler realizes how much he, along with every individual, contributes to the future of the planet.
  • 26. Heat Wave - Dr. Blight uses a smog-spewing barge and a huge dome to create a greenhouse effect over Hope Island. With Gaia's life in danger, the Planeteers enlist the help of a giant whale to break free from Blight's heat wave and call Captain Planet.

All 26 episodes total over 600 minutes of good clean entertainment.  Now I grew up with Captain Planet as a child and was honestly shocked he had not been released on dvd yet.  I can still rememeber the theme song and the characters and pretending to be one of the planeteers as a child and also the wonderful messages at the end.

I was pleasantly surprised though that the dvd had not been released and I could now watch one of my cartoons with my kids.  My three children loved Captain Planet.  My daughters are now pretending to be planeteers just like I did with ring and all.  They are also incorporating the methods of saving the planet into their every day life just like  I did as a child.  I love the fact that Captain Planet still can make a difference after so many years.  

I definitely recommend this video which is being released on April 19th to become a part of every family's dvd collection. The dvd can be found at most retailers of dvds and online at for $18.99. I would make a perfect Earth Day gift for your child.  Also for Earth Day check out the Captain Planet Foundation where real planeteers are making a difference and where you too can make a difference.

* I received the above mentioned product strictly for review purposes.  The above opinion is completely honest and completely my own.


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