My blog is PR friendly and I love trying out new products and helping companies get the word out bout their amazing products.  You can contact me about any product reviews at . 
My blog is a blog by a mom for other moms to look at.  I blog bout reviews, parenting, and my kids. Blogging by moms  is a great way for you to get your product or name out to people through either a review or giveaway (giveaways without a review item will incur a $20 fee to cover my time promoting the giveaway/your company), providing links back to your website, facebook, twitter or any other social accounts that you may have as well as helping to increase your followers and ultimately customers.
I promise to give my honest opinion about ALL products.
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What YOU get!
I find giveaways drive more traffic to your site then just reviews but I will host either for your company. Your choices are “just a review” or a “Review & Giveaway”.
I will post a review of the product a week after I receive it.  The products are not returned and shipping will be paid for by the company not me.  I will spend several hours testing, researching, promoting, and writing my review for it.  
If you sponsor just a review:
-Your product will remain on my front page for a few days at least.
-A daily tweet or two or three  about the review for one week @HENNESSEE0509
-A post on my facebook page
-A post at several mom blog sites
-Links back to your website, twitter, facebook…
-It will be discussed at my local mom's group at the next available meeting
If you sponsor a review and giveaway(sponsor is responsible for shipping prizes to winners):
-will receive all the above listed plus several more tweets and posts on facebook

-giveaways without a review item will incur a $20 fee to cover my time promoting the giveaway/your company