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* I will receive a promotional item for sharing the information below.  All opinions though are completely my own and completely honest as always.

My son has always been a huge fan of Pokemon since as long as I can remember.  I thought as he got older, he might outgrow them like he did other shows and toys.  Several years later and he is still a HUGE Pokemon fan.

That's why I was super excited to hear about the latest TOMY Sweepstakes for Pokemon on Facebook.  Check out some details about it below...

Simply complete an official entry found here and you may win one of 76 prizes available! 

The rules are quite simple: by (1.) submitting an entry and (2.) “liking” the TOMY Facebook Fan Page, you are automatically entered into the contest. 

One grand-prize winner will receive 14 products from the Spring 2013 TOMY Pokémon product line worth approximately $200!

The first-place prize is a Pokémon Center Play ‘n’ Store Case and twenty (20) 2-inch Pokémon figures to fill the case worth approximately $90.

The second-place prize is a Pokédex Trainer Kit with a suggested retail price of $19.99.

Now I have already entered the sweepstakes and have my fingers crossed to score some awesome Pokemon toys for my son!  SO be sure to enter too for your chance.  Also I have even better chances for you to score some Pokemon toys since I have been allowed to host a giveaway for a 7-inch Pokemon figurine of the company's choosing.  So be sure to enter the Rafflecopter form below.  GOOD LUCK EVERYONE!!!!

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Friday, May 24, 2013


* I received the below mentioned product solely for review purposes.  The below opinions are completely honest and completely my own.

Join Mickey, Minnie, Pluto and all their pals in the newest Clubhouse crusade. When the legendary Crystal Mickey
goes missing, Mickey and friends go on an adventure to save the Clubhouse from losing its magic. Grab your hat,
buckle your seatbelt, and get ready to embark on a thrilling adventure in “Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: The Quest for
the Crystal Mickey!”

There’s no time to lose after greedy Plunderin’ Pete snatches the legendary Crystal Mickey statue from the Clubhouse. Without this sparkly statue’s magic, the Clubhouse will
disappear forever!

Can the world’s most extraordinary hero "Kansas City Mickey," get the magical statue back in time? Only with help from young viewers at home…and the right Mouseketools 
can Mickey journey across the Sandy Desert, brave the Rushing River and make his way through the Hidden Jungle. But watch out for Pete’s trickiest traps! Full of magic and
mystery, the DVD includes four extra episodes of Disney Junior's Emmy®-nominated series "Mickey Mouse Clubhouse" (over 2 hours of content!) and a FREE
Adventure Activity Map plus Stickers. 

1 – Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Quest for the Crystal Mickey 
2 – Donald of the Desert
3 – Donald the Genie
4 – Goofy’s Coconutty Monkey
5 – Goofy’s Giant Adventure


I have a secret... I am a huge fan of the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse especially the theme song.  I mean as soon as I hear that song, I have it stuck in my head for days.  And of course I can not sing it without dancing!  So of course I was excited to see my favorite characters ( oh and my kiddos' fav characters too of course!) were staring in an episode kinda like Indiana Jones which is another fav of mine.

Now you may be aware that I am a huge fan of Family Movie Night so I decided that the Quest for the Crystal Mickey would be the perfect dvd for our latest Family Movie Night.  Now I knew my daughters would both love it, but was not sure if my oldest would really like or would grumble it was a baby movie.  Well, it actually enjoyed it.  Now when I say that , I do not mean that he wanted to watch it over his fav shows but he did like it more than I expected.  Of course that says a lot for a tween boy in my opinion!

Now in addition to the Indiana Jones movie style episode, there are also 4 other episodes adding up to over 2 hours of Mickey and friends entertainment!  My two daughters have watched the dvd more than once and I do not think they will stop anytime soon.  Of course this dvd is like other Clubhouse dvds in the fact that it features good, clean entertainment for the kiddos and some cute stickers and map to add to the fun!

The dvd is now available at most retailers nationwide and also at online retailers like Amazon.com ( right now it is going for $ 14.29!). So be sure to grab a copy today for your Mickey fans and add it to your family's movie collection!  

DOC MCSTUFFINS : TIME FOR YOUR CHECKUP dvd review and giveaway

* I received the below mentioned product solely for review purposes.  All opinions below are completely honest and completely my own.

Get ready to start your day in a wonderful way! Doc McStuffins: Time For Your Checkup is all about helping to keep toys - and little ones - happy and healthy. Join Doc and her trusty team of lovable toys as every new checkup leads to miles of smiles. Laugh along when Doc cures Gus the Gator's "Stuffedfulliosis." Blast off with Star Blazer Zero as Doc shows him how to play it safe from launch through landing. Whether it's eating right, getting enough rest, or getting an annual physical check-up, this delightful and nurturing program combines music, humor, and surprises in five fun-filled adventures that inspire friendship, hugs, and stay-healthy habits every day!

1 – Gulpy, Gulpy Gators! / One Note Wonder
2 – Tea Party Tantrum / Blast Off!
3 – Arcade Escapade / Starry, Starry Night
4 – Bronto Boo-Boos / Brontosaurus Breath
5 – Doctoring The Doc / Hot Pursuit 


My daughters have seen commercials of Doc McStuffins, but have never actually watched a full episode of the show.  So they were really excited when we received the dvd and got a chance to finally watch Doc McStuffins.  They loved the show and could not get enough of it.  After watching the show, my daughters now want to play doctor more often and are even coming up with their own "illnesses" with cute, funny names.

I also have to say that I liked the show and enjoyed it with my daughters.  It is definitely one of those shows that you don't have to worry about your kiddos watching.  Not to mention I really think the characters are simply adorable and of course my daughters do too.

If you have a Doc McStuffins fan in your life, then be sure to grab a copy of the latest dvd featuring her today.  This dvd is defintiely a great addition to your kiddos dvd collection and is also a great buy since it has almost 2 hours.  The dvd is available at most retailers nationwide and at online retailers like Amazon.com ( where it is going for $ 14.29 right now!)  

Also there are some adorable activities to go along with this great dvd ( shown below)...

Now I have some even better news...GIVEAWAY!  One of my lucky readers will have a chance to win their own copy of the latest Doc McStuffins dvd .  Just enter the Rafflecopter form below...  AS ALWAYS GOOD LUCK EVERYONE!!!!

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KOALA KID dvd review

* I received the below mentioned product solely for review purposes.  The below opinions are completely honest and completely my own.

"Exclusively from Walmart & Walmart.com, journey down under and meet a whole new breed of hero in this laugh-filled, action-packed animated adventure with an all-star voice cast, including Rob Schneider, Tim Curry and Alan Cumming. Johnny (Schneider) is a rare white koala bear who just wants to fit in and make friends. But when a twist of fate mistakenly transforms him into a fearless protector of animals, called “Koala Kid,” Johnny finds himself in over his head on a thrilling trek across the outback. With help from his hilarious new sidekicks, including a crafty Tasmanian devil, a lovable lizard and a boomerang-flinging female koala, Johnny may just outwit a villainous crocodile named Bog (Cumming) and become a true hero after all."


I always love family movies that have a great message in them and Koala Kid is definitely one of those movies. Koala Kid is a koala bear that is white instead of the normal grey color of most koalas.  In the beginning of the movie, the other kid koalas make fun of him for being "different."  So Johnny decides to find someplace where he can be appreciated and he ends up a the circus where the real adventure begins and he must save his new friends from an evil crocodile!

My kiddos loved this movie and I have to say that the imagery is beautiful in it.  I loved the characters especially the girl koala bear who has mastered the boomerang and so did my two daughters.  I love how strong she was and she made a great role model for my girls.  I also liked how my kiddos instantly picked up the message that "Being Different" is not a bad thing.  I always try to tell them to be their own self and be unique!  This dvd helps me with that message.

This dvd is definitely a great family movie and should definitely be enjoyed by the whole family.  I think it would make a great gift and also a great addition to a family's movie collection.  The dvd is available now at Wal-Marts nationwide and online for just $ 16.96 so be sure to grab a copy today!

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* I received the below products solely for review purposes.  The below mentioned opinions are completely honest and completely my own.

I am sure several of you may be asking what is a Wompkee so I have included some background information about them below...

The Wompkees are furry, big eared elfin-like creatures that have the ability to communicate with all the beings and animals in the world. Each Wompkee represents a different set of personality traits; no two are alike. They reside in the magical Wompkee Wood, eating Wompberries, and having adventures. As positive role models, children and parents can relate to and see themselves through one or more of the Wompkees. Curious and adventurous, the Wompkees are often faced with a situation that requires teamwork and brave action to save the day. Using their special ability to communicate with all creatures, the Wompkees teach us that through the power of using our words and our hearts, we can solve many of our problems.

There are 6 main characters and a little bit about them is shown below...

Gran: The matriarch of the Wood. Wise and warm and full of love. Loves to read books.
Twig: The littlest one, very brave for her age, but sometimes doesn’t think before she leaps. Sweet and sincere, full of curiosity and a bit of mischief.
Hummer: The inventor, super smart, no problem to great to solve. Only problem is his solutions can be a bit complex turning simple tasks into complex confusion.
Daisy: The athlete, and very coordinated. Often the big sister to Twig, but gets a little tired of having to act like a grownup.
Scout: Adventurous with a “can do” spirit. Very self assured and the one to take control.
Buster: A bit hefty due to his lust for Wompberries. Strong, but sensitive, and not overly confident.


When I first stumbled upon Wompkees, I thought they were simply adorable.  Of course I knew instantly that my 2 daughters would absolutely love them!  I was so excited when I recieved an email stating that Wompkees would love to work together on a review and they were sending out a copy of both of their movies ( A Very Wompkee Christmas and The Hidden Treasure of Wompkee Woods ) and also their adorable plush toys.  Now I have to admit I was nervous that I would only receive one plush Wompkee and thus would ensue a war between the girls.  Imagine how happy I was to open up the package when it arrived and find two big plushes and 2 finger puppets.  Thank you, thank you, thank you to the Wompkee and their creator Com for saving me from a war!  ( Trust me the  creator Com is a wonderful person to work with!)

I shared with my daughters that Wompkees use their big ears to cover their face when they sleep.  SO the first night that the girls and their wompkees went to bed, I saw two Wompkees with their faces covered tucked under the covers with my precious daughters.  It was a simply adorable and precious moment and oh how I wish I would have grabbed my camera.

My daughters spent the next days carrying the dolls and re-enacting their favorite scenes from the movies.  They simply loved the two movies and have watched them numerous times and I do not think they are getting tired of them!  I personally love that the movies are family friendly and a great choice for my daughters.  Below is a little more about each movie...

THE HIDDEN TREASURE OF WOMPKEE WOOD tells the harrowing tale of how Twig, the littlest Wompkee, and her band of brave friends - led by the can-do spirit of Scout and Daisy, the wisdom of Hummer and the humor of Buster - set out on the adventure of their lives to recover an ancient glowing stone and restore the power of universal language and love to all the Wompkees.

It’s Christmas Eve in the magical world of Wompkee Wood. Our big eared elfin friends, the Wompkees, prepare for a wonderful Christmas celebration. Twig, the littlest Wompkee, longingly hopes her biggest wish will come true. She wants to fly like all the other Wompkees. Luckily, Twig will get her Christmas wish just in time to save Wompkee Wood!

If you have not had the chance to meet the Wompkees, be sure to check out the video that I am including below.  Share it with your kiddos since I am sure they would love to meet the Wompkees as well.  You can check out more about the Wompkees on their website and also purchase the above items in their store here.  SO be sure to check them out again below....

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* I received the below mentioned products solely for review purposes.  The below opinions are completely my own and completely honest.

Recently my family and I celebrated my nephew and son's birthday with a double birthday just before Mother's Day.  Over 12 years ago, I received one of the greatest gifts I ever received - My oldest - My Son and just before my very first Mother's Day.

So when I received an awesome package from Oriental Trading featuring some of their best selling crafts and supplies centered around Mother's and Father's Days; I knew I had to do a craft at the double birthday party.  I thought it would be great for the kiddos to take home just in time for Mother's Day!  The first craft we did was the adorable "MOM Clothespins".

Now they are actually a lot bigger than it may look.  They are made to sit on a table or desk to hold notecards or maybe pictures.  They turned out really great.  MY only piece of advice would be that the flower pieces may need more to hold them on like glue dots or something along that line.  We also received a great assortment of "MOM" foam stickers featuring "#1 Mom" and hearts and high heels and the kiddos also used them on their clothespins.  I also purchased them foam door hangers that they could design for their moms using the foam stickers ( here are the ones my kiddos created shown below...)

They turned out amazingly just like the clothespins.  I know the other moms will simply be thrilled to have a homemade gift from their little angels!  I also received some other crafting items like an assortment of buttons and a large pack of Scrapbook paper featuring Spring items like rainbows and such.  I have a ton of craft projects in mind to use these items in like end of the year teacher gifts.  I will be posting more about the projects I create this weekend after my kiddos and I work on them.

Now I also received some Father's Day craft kits and my family and friends' kids will be coming over for a crafting party in the next couple weeks and I will share a post featuring the Father's Day crafts.  I am really excited to see how they all turn out!  SO be sure to keep looking for my next blog post about Oriental Trading's craft kits and also possibly a Gift Card giveaway ( HINT HINT ).  SO be sure to check out Oriental Trading today for great crafting kits, party supplies, and even gifts.  They literally have something for everyone and every occasion.  You can also request a catalog here.


I just wanted to wish all those super moms out there a very, very


And here is a little humor just for you all!

Thursday, May 9, 2013

PBS KIDS comes to ROKU

Now an interesting tidbit about me is that I love my Roku!  I often try to imagine how we survived without my Roku before we got one.  So I am always excited when Roku adds new channels for our entertainment!

SO imagine how excited my kiddos were when I found out that Roku now has a PBS Kids channel for free featuring some of my kiddos favorite shows like Fetch! with Ruff Ruffman and the Wild Kratts and of course WordGirl !  Also there is a PBS channel as well.  Below is some more information about the channels...

The PBS Channel will include hundreds of videos from PBS stations, including episodes from new primetime programs as well as the PBS archives, with new national and local content updated daily. Programming includes video from AMERICAN EXPERIENCE, ANTIQUES ROADSHOW, FRONTLINE, MASTERPIECE, NOVA and SECRETS OF THE DEAD, as well as video from PBS Digital Studios.

The PBS KIDS Channel will include more than 1,000 videos from more than a dozen PBS KIDS television series, including CURIOUS GEORGE, THE CAT IN THE HAT KNOWS A LOT ABOUT THAT!, DANIEL TIGER’S NEIGHBORHOOD, DINOSAUR TRAIN, SUPER WHY!, WILD KRATTS and SESAME STREET.

Both PBS and PBS KIDS are available immediately for all Roku players in the U.S., and can be found in the Movies & TV section of the Roku Channel Store.  More information can be found at pbs.org/roku.

SO if you have a Roku and kiddos then be sure to add the PBS Kids channel for hours of good quality entertainment! 

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

The Oranges out on dvd and enjoy some tips from the movie about Living At Home!

The Oranges out today on DVD!

Check out and Enjoy the tips below from the movie (especially if you are still leaving at home! ) !

So, You’re Still Living at Home?

Description: Macintosh HD:Users:ashley knox:Desktop:Alia_The Oranges .jpg

In The Oranges, two suburban families are squeezed when a rebellious daughter Nina (Leighton Meester) returns home and begins an adulterous affair with long-time family friend David Walling (Hugh Laurie).  The story is told from the perspective of recent college grad/moved-back-in-with-her-parents, Vanessa (Alia Shawkat), who’s caught in the middle of it all.  Moving back home may not be the most ideal situation, but here are some tips we’ve learned from watching Vanessa maintain. 

Tip #1:  Own Your Space – Remember that place you used to hide as a kid?  It could have been your favorite tree or a special nook where you built your forts?  Recreate that space for yourself now as an adult.  Find that one spot in your apartment or transform your bedroom or office and make it truly yours. It’s vital to your emotional and mental well being to have a place where you can unwind, cry, laugh, and sometimes hide from your…overbearing mother.

Tip #2: Remember Your Parents Were Young Once Too – It’s normal to become irritated from the lack of privacy, but you can take this opportunity to learn something new about your parents.  They have vast insights at your disposal: embarrassing dating stories, financial woes, cooking tips and more! Save the money you’d use for a therapy session and tap into that parental resource of knowledge.  Like Carol (Allison Janney) and Nina (Leighton Meester), you might rediscover a connection you lost during those rebellious teenage years.

Tip #3:  Keep Your Siblings Close – If your sibling doesn’t currently live at home, this actually works in your favor.  Not only does visiting your brother or sister give you more space, but depending on where they live, it also can double as a mini vacation. In exchange for room and board, you can also provide the most up-to-date family gossip to your estranged sibling. Vanessa’s older brother Toby (Adam Brody) was spared from learning of his father’s affair with his love interest but had his sister to soften the blow when he ultimately discover the truth.

Tip #4:  Take on More Responsibility – Given today’s economic climate, many young adults live at home, but for those that have simply feared being leaving the comfort of the nest – perhaps try do take on a few activities that are normally outside your comfort zone.  Volunteer with a local charity or get a pet!  Look for a job with a leadership position to increase not only your experience but also your confidence.   Vanessa has her eyes on a dream job with a furniture design firm.  What motivates you to get you moving? 

Tip #5:  Keep It Balanced – Living at home may not always enable you to play hostess for swanky dinner parties, but that’s no reason to hide inside.  Explore the advantages that come with living at home; like being able to venture out and escape to a party and then retreat to a quiet night with a new Blu-ray and your favorite sweet treat.

We hope that these tips will help you to survive family antics while pursuing “you-time” in the process.  For more lessons on how to deal from Vanessa be sure and check out The Oranges, available today on Blu-ray, DVD and Digital Copy.

SO be sure to grab a copy today!

Monday, May 6, 2013

PARENTAL GUIDANCE blu-ray review

* I received the below product solely for review purposes.  As always, all opinions are completely my own and completely honest.

Billy Crystal, Bette Midler and Marisa Tomei prove that laughter is relative in this hilarious comedy that's fun for the whole family! Old-school grandparents Artie (Crystal) and Diane (Midler) get more than they bargained for when they get stuck babysitting their type-A daughter's (Tomei) overprotected kids. But things go from hectic to hysterical when Artie realizes the kids are running the house with their newfangled technology. By playing by his own rules, which include sugary snacks, old fashioned games and tough love, Artie manages to outsmart the kids and achieve the impossible- bring the family closer together!


I have been excited to see this movie since I first saw the trailer.  I personally love Bette Midler and of course Billy Crystal.  My fiancee and I sat down one evening after the kiddos went to bed and laughed our butts off at this movie.  I mean I had tears from crying so hard and I also cried at an emotional part in the movie ( no spoilers here ).  The movie compares old school parenting with new age parenting thus creating a surplus of laughter.

I also let my sister borrow the movie and her whole family was laughing out loud.  We both loved how the movie was family friendly and would make a great choice for FAMILY MOVIE NIGHT!  We also loved how each kid had their own "problem" and how old school parenting helped them solve it!  We both agreed Billy Crystal and Bette Midler did a marvelous job as the grandparents!  In fact, I would love a sequel and hope they will give us more of em.

The dvd is available now nationwide and also at online retailers like Amazon.com for $ 20.30.  This is  definitely a great movie to add to your movie collection so be sure to grab a copy today!  Also do not forget about Mother's Day since it would be a great gift for her!

My Little Pony, Friendship is Magic: Princess Twilight Sparkle dvd review

* The produce below was received strictly for review purposes.  The opinions are completely honest and completely my own.

All hail the Princess! My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic - Princess
Twilight Sparkle is coming to DVD from Shout! Factory Kids in
collaboration with Hasbro Studios. Princess Twilight Sparkle includes 5
episodes from My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, focusing on Twilight¹s
adventures and the grand coronation event from Season 3 as well as a
Sing-Along and Coloring Sheet

-Games Ponies Play
-Magical Mystery Cure
-MMMystery of the Friendship Express
-Magical Duel
-Lesson Zero

Special Features
-Sing Along
-Coloring Sheet


I have two huge My Little Pony fans so when they heard about Twilight Sparkle becoming a Princess, they had to have the dvd ( so they could wear it out!)  Of course I absolutely love My Little Pony too so it is definitely great for a girls' day with my daughters!  

This dvd features plenty of Twilight Sparkle so if you love Twilight Sparkle then you must have this dvd.  My oldest daughter loves Twilight Sparkle so she squealed when she saw the dvd.  Of course we had to immediately watch the dvd ( we started with the episode where Twilight Sparkle becomes a princess!) .  

The dvd is available now nationwide where dvds are sold and also at online retailers like Amazon.com for just over $10 right now.  So if you have a My Little Pony fan in your life, grab a copy today ( especially if they are a Twilight Sparkle one!).