Friday, July 22, 2011


I have always been a huge vampire fan and not because of Twilight (although I love the movies and am currently trying to start reading the books).  No, I was  a fan of them since Interview with a Vampire with Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise which came out when I was a kid.  Recently I realized my daughters loved vampires as well.  Of course how could they not with the enormous amount of media and products surrounding them.  So I decided to try to find them there own vampires to play with and set out on a google search for Vampire toys.  I was so surprised at the toy I found for them and honestly I wanted one too.  I found Vamplets.

The wonderful and very creative people at Vamplets were kind enough to send both my daughters Vampyre baby and its very own bottle of blood.  Now I was so excited to get to review the babies , but my daughters were even more excited.  We received 2 babies - Midnight Mori and Count Vlad Von Gloom.

One of the great things is that the box they come in is shaped like a coffin and can even be used as their bed after you open as long as you do not damage it.  They are absolutely adorable.  My daughters carry them around and even sleep with them.  They also really love the bottles of blood especially since it disappears as the baby "drinks" it.  They are so into the story that one day my daughter misplaced her bottle and cried because baby Mori could not eat now.  Needless to say we had to search the house that day and finally found it for the little baby.  You can even find cute bios on the babies on their site to help you choose the right baby for you.  Below are Mori's and Count Vlad's.

Now there are a total of six Vampyre babies that you can adopt including Midnight Mori, Count Vlad Von Gloom, Lily Rose ShadowlynEvilyn Nocturna, Burton Creepson Jr., and Cadaverson Nightshade.

They are all just too darn cute and I wanted them all.  They are all made of soft material and are perfect for the Vampyre fan in your life.  You can even go online and print off the "Undead Certificates" for them here.  These are sure to become the next must have toy.

Now the babies do not come with their own bottle of blood, but you can purchase both the babies and bottle online at their shop.  You can also purchase shirts for your own babies and kids and also yourself ladies.  Also they have adorable buttons with I received 2 of.
Currently the dolls can be purchased at select locations which you can find a list of here or you can purchase them online for $19.95 for each doll (which I think is a great price). Also there is free shipping for orders over $35 right now.  Also they currently have a sweepstakes going with Lip Smackers where 10 lucky people will win their very own baby and some lip smackers.  Just go here to enter.  You will have to register too but it only takes like 5 seconds.  You need to hurry though cause the contest ends July 31, 2011.  So swing over there and enter to win your very own Vamplet.

* I received the above mentioned products solely for review purposes.  The above opinion is completely honest and completely my own.

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