Friday, February 17, 2012

FREE APP - FreshGames Brings Sweet Taste of Cake Pop Party to iOS

Many of you may know that Cake Pops are all the rage right now for birthday parites and such.  Well, now there is an app for them brought to you by Fresh Games.  Read more about it below...

FreshGames is proud to announce the release of their addictive free app Cake Pop Party for all iOS devices. Indulge your sweet tooth as players create whatever their imagination can think of. Whether it’s your favorite celebrity, beloved pet or tasty treat, once the “Cake Pop Party” starts, it never stops. Don’t believe me? Check out what our fans have came up with on their interpretations of comedian Russell Brand and the Jedi Master Yoda as a delectable cake pops:

I absolutely love this one!  Love Yoda!

Cake Pop Party is the first Cake Pop app to be released on the iTunes.  It also includes the fantastic Pop World that allows players to share Cake Pops creations such as the two featured above with their friends, family and the world alike. In addition, players can expect:

  • Incredibly realistic HD art
  • Stick tags for a personalized message
  • Unique hidden surprises in Cake Pops
  • Recipe Cards on the back of each Cake Pop
  • Goody Store to purchase additional ingredients/theme packs
  • Facebook login for easy sharing to Pop World
  • Intuitive touch screen engineering
Now here is the great news,  it is absolutely FREE!  Yes, you read that right - Free so go grab it now! You can also follow them on Facebook to stay current .

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