Wednesday, February 8, 2012

MEET THE LITTLE ANGELS and a 3 pack dvd giveaway

Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment presents LITTLE ANGELS, the fresh, faith-based, animated educational series for children and their parents, available on DVD on February 14. From executive producer Roma Downey (“Touched by an Angel”) comes LITTLE ANGELS, created exclusively for preschool-aged children to teach not only practical learning skills, like ABCs and numbers, but also to introduce them to spiritual, moral and ethical principles in a fun and entertaining way.

Each angel in Roma Downey’s Little Angels has its own specialty and personality. Here, we will introduce the Angels with photos and fun facts, in addition to some of the valuable lessons they provide for kids.

Meet the Angels…
Michaelis an archangel and The Boss Angel. Michael is the leader of the little angels, has a commanding presence, and is supremely knowledgeable. If any of the little angels run into a problem, they go to Michael for help.

Gabrielis an archangel, and is second in command to Michael. Gabriel is the Messenger Angel, which means that when the little angels want to announce something very important, they give the job to Gabriel! He always carried a trumpet, which he blows to get everyone’s attention before his important proclamations.

Charmeineis the Angel of Harmony. Not only does she carry and harp and sings, but she works to teach everyone to harmonize, work together, and get along!

HayleyIf you love animals, then Hayley will definitely be one of your favorite little angels! She knows everything there is to know about animals, and loves sharing her knowledge of them with people like you!

Dinais the Angel of Learning. She loves to help others learn and help show them how to do things. Dina also carries a super awesome iPad-like computer device, so she can access knowledge on the go!

Arielis a guardian angel, and she protects kids from harm. Not only does she protect kids from harm, but she also teaches them how to protect themselves, and shows them how to avoid getting into trouble in the first place!

UrielIf you like painting, Uriel is the little angel for you! He is the Angel of Creativity, and he carries a palette and a painter’s brush so that he can constantly paint and create new art!

Hamalielis the Angel of Logic. What’s really cool about Hamaliel is that he is a kind of “Sherlock Holmes” angel, meaning that he is able to figure out all kinds of different mysteries!

This is sure to be a great addition to any family's collection of movies and you cna not beat the fact that it has a great message with it. The dvds will be released on Valentine's Day and would make a great alst minute addition to any basket.  I am lucky enough to get to offer my you a chance at winning a 3 pack of the movies  here.  All you have to do is enter the Rafflecopter form below.  That simple so enter today.

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