Monday, February 6, 2012

Valentine's Day is fast approaching...

Well, it is already February and Valentine's Day is almost here.  The next few days I will be sharing some cute Valentine's Gift Ideas and also some crafts.  Please feel free to share any Valentine's Day crafts or ideas as well.  I am wanting to start a weekly Pinterest post with some links to crafts I have done or plan to do so I would love some ideas.

This year on y blog, I want to engage more with my readers and I hope you like the direction I am taking.  As always feel free to comment as long as it is nice and clean.  Thank you for your support and keep an eye out for my Valentine's gift ideas and crafts.  Also keep an eye for some giveaways.

1 comment:

  1. I love Valentine's Day! I'll be watching your craft & gift ideals. Im thinking about making my hubby a cake in the shape of a heart. Im going to cover it in white icing and color some coconut red and cover the icing with it, Im thinking it will look like a Valentines day heart covered with lace. I think it will be really pretty.
    (Donna D)