Thursday, February 9, 2012


I am sure most of us can relate to having a child that is attached to their favorite stuffed animal or doll especially the latest craze - PILLOW PETS!  With this attachment comes a dirty pillow pet, well, the wonderful people at SNUGGLETIME has fixed this problem with Petjamas and Snugglebags.  Read below to learn more about them.


SnuggleTimeTM is a woman-owned business, and we come from a large, extended family with lots of brothers, sisters, cousins, nieces and nephews. Our family get-togethers not only include relatives from near and far, but also a Noah’s Ark of favorite stuffed friends and faithful plush companions. We know children adore stuffed toys and want to take them everywhere. Unfortunately, “everywhere” means taking them in the bathroom, dragging them along the kitchen floor or across the soccer field, or even visiting with friends where household pets can mistake them for their favorite chew toys.
We know just how inseparably connected children become with their stuffed toys—from morning until night. We also recognize how important it is to keep these constant companions clean, squeezable and cuddly for the long haul.   
That’s why we’ve created a full line of must-have accessories for your children’s favorite plush pillow toys and other plush friends. Created for today’s children on the go, our products offer the perfect snuggly “fit” for your child’s soft and furry friends by combining practicality with ingenuity and a heavy dose of fun.
Any time is snuggle time in our book whether at home, at school or somewhere in between. But, when the day ends, we want to ensure your child and his or her best friend can snuggle and sleep soundly, comfortably and safely—dreaming of the next day’s big adventures. 


My daughters are no exception to being swept up by pillow pets mania.  They love them.  I have to agree they are cute and quite handy especially when there are sleepovers or we have a family movie night.  Pillow Pets make it easy for them to lounge in the living room floor.  The only problem with all this pillow pet love is that they get so dirty being transported everywhere.  This is where the petjamas come into play.  

My daughters each received one.  My oldest daughter received the Pink Princess Plush and my youngest daughter received the Plush Plum Purple (both shown below).


They are super soft and easy to put on the pillow pets.  These would also be great to tell pillow pets apart if you had more than on kid with the same pillow pet.  Of course the best feature is that when these get dirty, you simply throw them in the washer.  It is that simple!  

Now another wonderful product from SnuggleTime is their Snugglebags (shown below in Dreamsicle ( pink/purple).

My daughters each received one of the Snugglebags shown above.  My daughters love camping and I am sure these will definitely come in handy this coming summer when school is out.  Pillow Pets fit perfectly in them and you could also use them for other stuffed animals or dolls as well if your kids do not have a pillow pet.  Plus they also help keep the pillow pet or stuffed animal clean and they can be thrown in the washer as well.  

Petjamas and Snugglebags are both available online at the SnuggleTime website.  The petjamas come in an assortment of colors and cost $9.99 and the snugglebags come in the above color and blue and orange as well.  They cost $ 12.99.  Definitely a great Valentine's Day gift for the pillow pet lover in your life.  So be sure to grab yours today !

* I received the above mentioned product solely for review purposes.  The above mentioned opinion is completely my own and completely honest.

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  1. I think these Snugglebags are so cute! I have several grandchildren that are at the right age to just love a pillow pet, and 3 of them are having birthdays in just a couple months. I think these Snugglebags would make a great gift for them. Nice Review, Thank You