Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Recently I received a cat toy to try out from  I reminds me of an orange octopus and is stuffed with cat nip.  So I opened the package up and my youngest cat went crazy for it ( I have three cats - two which turn 1 in a few months and a much older one who we rescued off the streets and is now been with us for like five years).  You couldnt pry my cat from it but I tried to so I could see if the other two liked it as well.  They did for what little time the other relinguished it for.  I am now waiting to see how durable it is since the one cat hardly leaves it alone.  Hopefully this weekend I will have another update and pics to post on here.  The company is definately one to check out since they seem to have anything a pet owner might need. Also if you sign up for the email newsletter you can request to be a product tester for them.   So all pet owners head on over to CATNDOGSTUFF.COM

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