Wednesday, February 9, 2011


My fiancee lives for his trucks and toys like most men.  He also does all the work on them and would live in our garage if I would let him.  He loves off-roading and rockcrawling and occassionally will go mudding .  I surf the net for alot of new and unique products for my whole family.  A few months ago I came acroos BLUE WORKS website which is by WD-40.  They were giving out samples of their industrial strength products to companies. My fiancee has a mechanic and fabrication business he is starting up.  I requested the Penetrant and Degreaser sample as back up in case the other was not available.  I expected a small packet but was amazed that they sent me both full sized products.  My fiancee was elated since he had used the stuff at his full-time job before and knew they were high quality.  I witnessed him using the penetrant on a rusty bolt that seemed to not budge no matter what he did ( he tried several wrenches and sockets and pliers and even another lubricant).  Finally he tried his new product and sure enough he was not disappointed.  After letting the bolt soak for a few mins, he was able to get it out with a little more elbow grease.  He has not tested the degreaser yet but one has to think that it will be just as good if not better.  You can find this product and others at .  They are definately high quality so if you spend alot of time working on cars you defiantely want to try these out.  The freebie link is still up and the promocode is LMB. you do need to be a business to order this one.  The link is


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