Tuesday, June 14, 2011

BARNEY I CAN DO IT dvd review

I am a mom of three children, one of which (my oldest) never cared for Barney even when he was a baby.  He just never begged to watch it.  Now my two daughters are different they love the singing and the dancing with the big purple and green dinosaur alot.  So you can imagine the squeals when I opened a package containing a new Barney movie.. . Barney I Can Do It.

Are you ready for big-kid fun? Join BJ, Claire and Jade as Barney teaches them that even if you’re not big enough to do all the things your friends are doing, there are new friends to meet and new games to play right now. Discover that big-sized fun is waiting for you every morning, and every day you grow is loaded with Tee-riffic adventures!

Special Features

• BJ's Batting Cage Counting Game
• Peek-a-Boo Game

The really cool thing about this dvd is that it was never aired on tv.  So parents you don't have to worry about it being one of those episodes that your kids have seen over again (well, at least not until you get the dvd).  Also another great thing about the dvd is that it teaches such a wonderful message to children - That they may be little now but they can still do big things.  My daughters loved the movie and it quickly became a favorite of theirs.  

The dvd is currently available for sale at mass retailers like Target and Wal Mart and also online at Amazon.com.  the price is currently $14.98 online at Amazon.com.  I recommend this movie for any kid that may be feeling sad about being smaller or for any kid who loves Barney. It is sure to entertain them toms.

* I received the above mentioned product solely for review purposes.  The above opinion is completely honest and completely my own.

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