Sunday, June 5, 2011

NASCAR the game 2011 for the Wii review - FATHER'S DAY GIFT IDEA #1


Just released and perfect timing for Father's Day is NASCAR the game 2011 for the Wii.

Product Description

NASCAR The Game 2011 has been built from the ground up to make a thoroughly new experience. The development team started by speaking with the people who know NASCAR best - the fans - and took that insight to the teams, drivers and officials to completely embrace what makes NASCAR America's #1 motorsport. Players can choose to play as themselves or as one of the sport's real-world drivers as they battle it out for the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Championship. Each pro driver has the AI characteristics of his or her real world counterpart, setting the stage for intense rivalries played out on the track. Damage is meticulously detailed and multi-car wrecks are the most extreme ever experienced in an officially licensed racing game. From the 22 real world tracks to full pit stop strategy action, NASCAR The Game 2011 captures the real atmosphere, sense of speed and spectacle that embodies NASCAR. Players can even feel the thrill of a win with the interactive celebration mode. The game also includes in-depth multiplayer modes which allow up to 16 players to battle it out for the win online. In both online and offline races, players earn NASCAR experience points which help unlock rewards such as decal packs or special car designs, as well as career sponsorships and special races throughout career mode. Everything you do on the track counts! With a fresh infusion of real world detail and blistering racing action, NASCAR The Game 2011 completely redefines what fans can expect from a NASCAR racing game.

This is a fun racing game for those who just want to practice game racing.  I loved the options with this game.  I grew up with NASCAR and Dale Earnhardt (really wish he was alive to be portrayed in this game) and I have even attended one of the races in Atlanta and this game brings it all to you.  I am not a big racing game fan but I love this game and my little girls did too.  It is a little tricky at first with the steering but if you practice it gets easier.  The graphics are not the worst but I have seen better.  Yet I still enjoyed it and so did  my family. I recommend this game for a Father's Day gift that he can share with the whole family.  

The game can be purchased at mass retailers who sell Wii games and online at

* I received the above product strictly for review purposes.  The above mentioned opinion is completely honest and completely my own.

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