Saturday, June 11, 2011

INVISIBLE GLASS review - Father's Day Gift Idea # 4

When Father's Day fast approaching, I am sure several of you are wondering what can I get the man who has everything.  Well, how about something practical and something he can benefit from getting for days to come.

Now I am sure alot of my readers have realized that vehicles and anything that has to do with them is a big deal with the men in my life (Both my dad and fiancee are huge vehicle lovers and love taking care of them).  So this Father's Day I thought why not focus on that.  I have found a great product for the car loving dad who wants his vehicles to look as amazing as they sound.  It is Invisible Glass...

Named as the #1 selling automotive glass cleaner by NPD Group, Invisible Glass is a multi-component formula glass cleaner that is a step above the normal "blue water"  glass cleaners.  The purpose of Invisible Glass is to do what the name says make glass invisible.  Invisible Glass has several products available like the aerosol can spray, trigger spray, invisible glass wipes, lens wipes (great for phones and glasses and such), Reach & Clean Tool, microfiber towels (they help to not leave behind streaks or fibers when wiping off ), and they even have a windshield chip repair kit.

I was fortunate to receive several of these products to review including the aerosol spray, lens wipes, and invisible glass wipes.

My favorite of the three was the Invisible Glass wipes.  I loved that it was so simple to use if I was in a rush and that the wipes were just as effective as the spray.  It made my touch up cleaning in my house super quick. They are also great for cleaning off the bug mess off a windshield that was just cleaned and then a bug hit it.

I also love the aerosol spray and the microfiber towel I received.  The towel left behind no streaks and no fibers like my normal cleaning towels did.  the spray is great and a little of it is all you need to clean a windshield so a can will last awhile.

The lens wipes were great for cleaning my computer screen and my camera lens.  They also worked great at cleaning my glasses and sunglasses.  Plus I loved that they were in a handy pack that I could throw some in y purse in case I needed them while I was out somewhere.

Currently Invisible Glass has an awesome package put together called the Ultimate Glass Cleaning Kit.

Kit includes one Reach & Clean glass cleaning tool kit, 1 aerosol can of Invisible Glass Premium
 Glass Cleaner, 1 trigger spray bottle, 1 canister of Invisible Glass wipes, 20 individually packaged
Invisible Glass Wipes, 1 microfiber glass cleaning towel, 2 packs of rain repellent wipes, and 1
headlight restoration kit.

The other great thing about the kit is the price.  You can get all that for only $29.95 plus shipping and handling.  dad will be able to keep his cars cleaned for a good while.  Also if you are still not sure how great this product is you can request a free sample here.  There are also some coupons there too.  So check it out.

You can purchase Invisible Glass online or you can check out this list of retailers to find one near you.  So hurry and pick up some Invisible Glass products for your dad this Father's Day.  His car and him will thank you for months to come.

* I received the above products strictly for review purposes.  The above opinion is completely honest and completely my own.

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